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5 Useful and Interesting Windows Phone 7 Apps

The Windows Phone 7 application marketplace has now got a lot of good apps. There are now many free games and apps available in the  Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 devices. I have selected some of the best and interesting ones out there and […]


Evernote – A Note taking app for Windows Phone

The most popular note-taking services, Evernote – has finally created an app for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The new app features a stylish design that blows the iOS and Android Evernote offerings out of the water. Moreover it even […]


Top 10 list of Game apps for Windows Phone

Being listed in top 10 is the great thing for the producers and creators of a software or an application. In this list the position given to an app has been decided by the users of the Windows Phone who downloaded […]


Top 8 most desirable Windows Phone 7 devices of 2011

Today the use of Android Phones may be on the rise, but for those who know the potential of the Windows Phone mobile operating system, owning a Windows Phone is a matter of prestige. Most smartphone manufacturers are already offering various devices. Here […]

Tips to take notes in Opera browser quickly

Opera browser has one feature, which not many people pay attention to but yet is very useful at times. The ability to save notes while browsing. This has added to the overall functionality of the browser, since it allows you […]

Is PC Overclocking really worth it?

Overclocking appears to be the “in” thing to do in the computer world nowadays, it seems. Computer fans are searching for better ways to overclock their PC’s and expect to see phenomenal changes afterward with regards to speed. Before we […]

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9: Download, Features, Screenshots

Microsoft has made available for download Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9. Internet Explorer Administration Kit or the IEAK allows you to customize Internet Explorer according to organizations custom needs.  With use of this administration kit for ICP’s (Internet Content Providers), […]

Windows Phone 7 app : Droppy Pop

Windows Phone 7 has given a lot of buzz to the cell phones market since it was announced. This can be proven from the fact that Windows Phone 7 was considered as 4th most innovative product of the year! Also […]

Customize Windows 7 with WindowBlinds 7

Guest Post By : Spencer Scott, Microsoft MVP For many of us, spending hours and hours in front of a PC has become a normal activity. Since my first experience with Windows, and the years following, I noticed a common […]