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How to convert and make PDF document as Password Protected

Freeware to create, convert, password protect PDF documents

Most free PDF readers allow us to only open and view PDF documents. There are also many free online tools which allow us to create PDF Documents. If are on a platform like Microsoft Windows, you can get software like Microsoft Word, then it’s even […]

How to Create Free PDF Documents with Portable Freeware

Create PDF Files and Documents with Free PDF Editor

Portable Document Format (PDF) is considered to be one of the most reliable format for communication because of its immense security. While Adobe has always been providing free Acrobat Reader for opening as well as reading up of files but […]

Top 10 Dual Monitor wallpapers for Windows computer

Everyone loves using beautiful, exciting, and stunning wallpapers for their computers. In fact people these days like to change desktop wallpapers regularly, although some of my friends change their wallpapers on daily basis, I rarely change a wallpaper if I […]

Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse in Gold Case

Top 10 most expensive Computer Mice in the world

The humble Computer Mouse is a critical element required for running your computer. But have you ever thought about a Computer mouse made in pure Gold and Gems along with diamonds studded in it. Here is a list of some of the most […]

microsoft touch mouse artist edition dimensions

The All New Stylish Artist Edition of Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft was captivated by the increase in the number of people using the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Microsoft therefore wanted to release a limited-edition graphic for the Touch Mouse that was easy to use. And now, it’s here. This mouse is […]

twitter to gmail

How to add Twitter Gadget and tweet from your Gmail account

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites because of its apps and the bunch of clients that connect to it. This improves the user experiences for the Tweeps.  A user can connect with Twitter from Facebook and Google+. […]

How To Setup Firefox Permission Manager For Websites

One important addition to Firefox has been inclusion of a Permission Manager for Firefox. The Permission Manager of Mozilla Firefox will allow users to define the users own settings for the websites. For example, a user can set whether a […]

Top 3 Windows Media Player Alternatives

Windows Media Player is one of the best software available which comes as default when you bring up a new Windows operating system for all versions including Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows 7. Microsoft has provided […]


Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 – A comparison

With both Office 365 and Google Apps now being available, it is natural that users would want to compare the features of both before taking a decision which one is best suitable for their needs. Office 365 is Microsoft’s Office […]

Using Usenet to download makes much more sense

If you are an old technology geek, then you are no doubt familiar with Usenet.  Long before Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Usenet was the social network of its day. Initially launched in 1979 as a way to share “news” across […]