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Difference between Cloud computing and Grid computing

Cloud computing and Grid computing are the two words that end up confusing many people as they are similar in theory. Cloud computing and Grid computing involves massive computer network infrastructure. On the front end, cloud computing and grid computing […]

Difference between SQL and NoSQL: Comparision

This article on SQL and NoSQL comparison will throw light on the debate on advantages and limitations on each. Ever since the buzz of NoSQL database evolved in storing data into the NoSQL databases,  I thought of exploring both the […]

SONY VAIO VPCSA35 Laptop Specs, Review, Price

Looking for a new laptop this season I just found a nice model from Sony, yes SONY VAIO VPCSA35 which belongs to S series. Just released last week and I find it a balanced mobile PC. The laptop is loaded […]

New SQL Azure Reporting CTP with added features now available

There has been many significant improvements on Windows Azure over time. And for SQL Azure, this time Microsoft has added comprehensive intelligence capabilities to it. CTP stands for Customer Technology Preview that actually delivers Business Intelligence (BI) in the cloud. […]

Smart Shopping on Windows Phone 7.5

Grocery Server and Smart Shopping announced a team-up early this week and they came up with a mobile app for the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. So what exactly is this app ? The application is named as Smart Shopping and […]

Windows Intune Features, Download, Pricing, Guides

Microsoft’s cloud-management services Windows Intune with its latest version 2.0 is now available. The release was made on 17th October and it is now available for 30 day trial. Windows Intune, the first major update to Microsoft’s cloud-based PC management […]

How to dual boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 on one PC

You may have read our tutorials on how to install Windows 8 on your computer and how to install Windows OS on VirtualBox. But if you want to install Windows 8 side-by-side along with  Windows 7 by dual booting on […]

Windows 8 to leverage and extend Windows Live features.

We got a taste of Windows 8, but the bounties seem to be never-ending. With Microsoft already having so much to offer in Windows 8, it is widening the boundaries still further. Starting from Metro UI apps, support for ARM […]

windows8 better than windows7

5 reasons why Windows 8 will outsell Windows 7

When it comes to operating systems, it is Microsoft all the way, in all segments. No doubt Windows has improved with every release it has made over years. Microsoft understands operating system better than anybody could have done and does everything […]