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Free Animation Software for Windows

Best Free Animation Software for Windows 10

Animation involves the manipulation of still images to appear as moving images are used extensively in short films, special effects, video games and other media that are fanatical to displaying the moving images.While the traditional animation involved the painting by […]

Understanding how Hyper-V will work on Windows 10/8

The Windows user guide says Windows 10/8 supports client Hyper-V. So what exactly is Hyper-V? Well, Hyper-V stands for Hypervisor-based virtualization. Perhaps Hyper-V has been part of earlier two versions of Windows. Microsoft now plans to make it a part of […]

Secure boot on windows 8

Secure Boot, Trusted Boot, Measured Boot in Windows 10

Security! Well, this is a major concern for almost everyone, it seems, these days. When it comes to operating systems, we know better how quickly they get attacked by virus and malware. And more popular the operating system, the more the people […]

Windows Server 2012 Editions Announced; Home Server Discontinued

Microsoft’s codenamed Windows Server 8 will be shipped as Windows Server 2012 in four versions ranging from small business needs to high end cloud data center. Organizations that rely on Windows Servers will now have better options to choose from as […]

Process Hacker: A Complete Task Management Tool for Windows

Pressing Cntrl+Shift+Esc on your Windows 7 computer launches the Windows Task Manager – one of the best process analyzing tool in Windows. It displays the active process, threads, and services running on your computer. However some times, the Windows task manager doesn’t […]

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 explained

Every one knows that every machine connected to the Internet has a unique address and that is called as IP Address or IP in short. And since the evolution of Internet in early 80’s we been using the IPv4 or […]

ISOBuddy: Convert and Burn Any Disc Image to ISO

Talking about something that converts anything to ISO? Then it has to be ISOBuddy! ISOBuddy is a very user-friendly ISO image file processing tool that can convert almost any image file format to ISO. ISOBuddy is a multi-purpose freeware that can perform […]

What is a Codec – Overview, Features, FAQ

I assume everyone heard about a Codec, and if you haven’t then this post will tell you key points regarding Codecs on your computer and the reason as to what they are installed on your Windows PC. What is a […]

Popular Free Open Source Operating Systems

An Operating System remains the soul of any computer. We have seen many over time, but the one that has stood out strong is Microsoft Widows. Windows occupies around 90 % of the total operating system market. And why shouldn’t it? […]

Windows 8 Enterprise Features & Capabilities

People are already buzzing with anticipation about the latest Windows 8 release. And we have been talking about every kind of development being made on Windows 8 since the launch of its developers preview. And no doubt we have already […]