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download Tik Tok app for Windows 10 PC

How to download TikTok app for Windows 10 PC

TikTok is a famous video social network where everybody is sharing their videos and impressing the world with their creativity. You can sync your songs with special effects and make it even funnier. But just like any other Android Apps, […]

Useful Chromium Command Line Switches

Useful Chrome Command Line Switches or Flags

Chromium & Chrome support command line flags, also called as switches. They allow you to run Chrome with special options that can help you troubleshoot or enable particular features or modify otherwise default functionality. In this post, I will share […]

Useful powercfg commands

Most useful commands for PowerCFG command line

Power Configuration or powercfg.exe  is a command-line tool in Windows which allows you to configure power system settings. It is especially useful for laptops which run on battery and will enable you to configure hardware-specific configurations which are directly not […]

Yammer Tips and Tricks

Yammer Tips and Tricks for the power user

Yammer is a Group Management and conversations tool from Microsoft. You can use it to track conversions in your company or a small business in one place. If you have ever used a forum, it is very similar to it. […]

Run Shell script files from Command Prompt

How to run .sh or Shell Script file in Windows 10

Shell Scripts or .SH files are like batch files of Windows which can be executed in Linux or Unix. It is possible to run .sh or Shell Script file in Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux. In this post, […]

How to uninstall Movies and TV App in Windows 10

If I have to name one app that is useless on Windows, then its the Movies and TV App. Microsoft used to have Premium Video service and thats where the app used to come handy. Its not there anymore. So, […]

disable messages from Firefox in new tab

How to disable Messages from Firefox in New tab

Firefox is probably the only browser right now which have taken Privacy and Tracking seriously. The new version of Firefox makes sure of that, but the users are reporting there is a lot of prompt about it. The browser is […]

Office Word doesn't remember preferred font settings

Office Word doesn’t remember preferred font settings

Microsoft Office Word and other apps allow you to set preferred font settings. However, if Word doesn’t remember preferred font settings, here is what you can do. While it should not happen, some of the forum users had reported that […]

PDF Merge multiple PDF files

How to merge multiple PDF files in single PDF file

There are many paid tools which can merge multiple PDF into single PDF files. Today we are talking about a free tool which works on Windows desktop and helps you merge multiple PDF files in single PDF file. The tool […]

boot configuration data store could not be opened

The boot configuration data store could not be opened

BCD or  Boot Configuration Data files contain instructions that are needed by Windows to boot correctly. If you have a problem booting up your computer, the chances are that is caused by a misconfiguration or even corrupted BCD files. If while […]

What is PortableBaseLayer Partition

What is PortableBaseLayer Partition in Windows 10

When browsing your storage section either through the Computer or Disk Management tool, if you notice a volume with name PortableBaseLayer, then don’t be surprised. It’s a virtual drive that has recently started appearing after the Windows 10 v1903 Update. […]

Server Execution Failed

Windows Media Player Error – Server Execution Failed

It may so happen that when trying to play music files using the Windows Media Player, you receive Server execution failed popup. Post this; you will not be able to play media files for some time. Some users reported that […]

Adobe Spark Create Collage

Free Photo Collage maker online tools & software

When you come back from a trip and have tons of photos, I am sure you must have thought of one big photo which can have some of the memorable pictures together. Yes, I am talking about a Collage, and […]

uninstall 3D Viewer App in Windows 10

How to uninstall 3D Viewer App in Windows 10

Microsoft offers an incredibly useful ap–3D Viewer which creators can use to animate 3D models, and also mix it with real-life objects using the Mixed Reality feature. You can see 3D models with lighting controls, inspect model data, and visualize […]