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IME Disabled in Windows 10

Input Method Editor (IME) is disabled in Windows 10

Input Method Editor or IME allows you to switch between different keyboard languages in Windows 10. It is available on the Taskbar and denoted by the selected language. So if you are using English, you should ENG. Some users have […]

Mailfence Private Secure Email

Mailfence offers Private and Secure Email Service

Privacy and Encryption are two significant features that people have started looking into every software and service. It doesn’t matter if you can prove it, but most of the email services are tracked in one way or the other. They […]

linkedin influencer

How to become a LinkedIn influencer

While its comparatively easy to become an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even on YouTube, being an influencer on LinkedIn is completely different. While on those social platforms, you are surrounded by consumers, LinkedIn is for professionals, and it’s […]

Workaround TLS failures timeouts

What is TLS handshake? How to fix TLS handshake?

TLS or Transport Layer Security is an encryption protocol. It is designed such that communication through TLS remains secure and private. In this post, I will explain what TLS handshake is and how to fix the TLS handshake if you […]

Workaround TLS failures timeouts

Workarounds for TLS Failures, Timeouts in Windows systems

We have talked about the TLS handshake, and how it can fail. We also marked that a lot of TLS failures had happened because Microsoft tried fixing something. A security updated CVE-2019-1318 has caused the recent one rolled for TLS […]

enable DNS over HTTPS

How to enable DNS over HTTPS to block ISP tracking

No matter how much effort we put into avoid getting tracked on the internet, there is one thing that seems tough to avoid — ISP tracking. Since no law stops ISP from monitoring, it comes as no surprise that they […]

Free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

Free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

Device Drivers in Windows 10 make sure all the connected hardware work fine when used by the operating system. While Windows 10 offers Device Manager to locate and list all the device driver details, it’s too cumbersome and time taking. […]