Aura: Brings Windows 8 Auto Colorization To Windows 7 & Vista

Aura is a free utility that analyses the average desktop background or the opened window’s color and sets it as the Aero Glass color. It is a kind of Hot Track feature for Windows 7. It can be run on all the versions of Windows that support Aero Effects, namely Windows Vista and Windows 7.

This tiny software is just 445KBs to download, you can even download the source codes as well and you can implement the Aura’s code in your own utility without any problems. Aura is written in C# using WPF in Visual Studio 2012, that’s why the code can be easily implemented into other programs.

This utility is fast and gives you real-time results that are visible on your Window’s Aero Glass. In real-time, it computes the color to be set as the Aero color and you can see the results in the time you switch between different opened windows. It works like if you’ve opened a window, whose average icon color is blue, then the Windows Aero Glass would turn blue in the same manner.

Windows 8 might have pre-installed the Hot Track feature, but this adds something extra to the Hot Track feature. This is a great Windows Aero Add-on. The software is currently in Beta, and we hope for more features in the final release version. For best result adjust color intensity via Personalization and try to play with app settings.

Aura works very efficiently, to get an idea, how does it works, play the following demo video.

Click here to download Aura – a tiny Windows Aero addon. The utility is open sourced and free to download.

Aura necessitates some requirements on your PC, which are as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 SP 1 (Windows Vista)

Just in case you don’t see any changes, you may need to increase the windows color intensity in Personalization.

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