AudioSauna: An online audio workstation for music composers

Are you planning to compose music “online”? If yes, then this article is perfect for you. AudioSauna is a free and fully featured online audio workstation that brings up the power of an audio composer to your web browser. With its easy-to-use and straightforward user interface, the users with any level of experience will be able to create their composition easily.

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By using AudioSauna, you can work on your composition in an advanced and efficient way. You can quickly compose your music with its advanced polyphonic synthesizers, samplers and live effects right within your browser. AudioSauna provides you the most advanced stereo sampler that contains several online audio applications. It offers you several features including ping-pong looping, unlimited layering, key range mapping and live effects. You can even import your own wav and mp3 samples.

Overview of AudioSauna:

It offers you certain abilities to save or open different songs – and you can even export a song as an audio file. You can use your computer’s keyboard to record the melodies you have composed. You will find a Sequencer with pattern arrange and piano roll modes to enhance your composition. You will also find a Mixer with a level, pan, mute, solo and AUX1 /AUX2 levels. Built in aux effects including delay and reverb are available in this app. It also supports “Snap to grid” feature.

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AudioSauna’s virtual analog synthesizer is a classic two oscillator subtractive synthesizer. It offers 2 analog oscillators with amp envelope, SAW, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, SINE and NOISE waveforms. Frequency Modulation Synthesizer has 4 sine wave operators with amp envelope, and 8 FM algorithms based on Yamaha’s DX-21. Both of these synthesizers support various filter types including LP (Low pass) and HP (High pass).

Osc 2 (second oscillator) can modulate the Osc 1 (first oscillator) with its true Frequency Modulation (FM) technique. You will find an ADSR (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) envelopes for amplitude and filter’s cutoff. It supports LFO (Low-frequency oscillation) for amplitude and filter’s cutoff with 3 waveforms. Built-in effects including distortion, chorus and bitrate are available in this app. It also provides unlimited polyphony, portamento, transpose and more than 40 presets.

AudioSauna Screenshot

Features of AudioSauna:

  • Set a new standard for the quality of audio synthesis in the cloud.
  • All instruments feature various filter types including LPF and HPF.
  • Multiple effects including: Distortion, Chorus, Bitrate, Reverb and Delay.
  • Soft strings, fat basses, vintage organs and screaming leads.
  • Use your computer’s keyboard to play and record your melodies.
  • Microstepping sequencer with advanced editing features.

Head over to the AudioSauna website to check it out. We’d love to hear your experience!  It is currently in BETA mode.

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