Attachments Suck! Use SkyDrive instead, says Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a new website ‘Attachments Suck’ to bring about the awareness, that it makes a lot more sense to use SkyDrive, instead of attaching files to your mail, the traditional way.

Many of us may have faced situations where, sometimes we are just unable to send across some important mail attachments, because of the size. At times, even if we do manage to attach the files and sen the mail, the mail does not get delivered or gets bounced.

Microsoft is now recommending that your use its own free cloud service SkyDrive. It will not only help you send files across, but also let you edit the documents.

Some interesting facts and points have been put forth by Microsoft:

  1. Average person send and receives 15 attachments daily
  2. 73% sending mail attachments, face a bounce back problem
  3. 62% lose files sent as attachments
  4. 75% of users don’t save their attachments
  5. Every day, the average office worker receives over 170 email messages a day, and sends over 35
  6. 77% of workers need to send documents for group editing
  7. In Hotmail alone, there are over 1 billion email messages sent with file attachments per week
  8. SkyDrive represents over 15% of the email attachments sent using Hotmail

If you are working together on a document, rather and edit and send forth documents to each other, it might therefore make more sense to edit them together on SkyDrive.

Size matters! You cannot send large attachments. Even if you do manage to send it, the recipient’s Inbox may not be able to handle it and the mail could bounce. And you know, how painful it is to break down, zip them and then forward the files as attachments! On the other hand, using SkyDrive you will be able to edit the document in one place using Office Web Apps or Office on your PC and Mac, and save and share all your versions in one place – and make them accessible from anywhere.

Hotmail allows you to easily send documents and photos via SkyDrive. The integration of Office Web Apps means you won’t lose your formatting when you send your files as online documents. And you can even configure Hotmail to always send files using SkyDrive by default.

If you install the free SkyDrive Gadget for Xobni, you can send a link to SkyDrive files right from Outlook.

Head over to have a look at and see if it convinces you to start using SkyDrive as an alternative to attaching and sending files the traditional way – and yes, do let us know what you think of it!

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  1. Privacy Advocate

    Google, Microsoft, and Apple – they want complete control of your life.

  2. Skydrive simply is the best available cloud service for Windows User.

  3. The only thing that will convince me to use Skydrive is the ability to sync folders and integration on par with Sugarsync or the old Windows Live Mesh. Skydrive is useless as is.

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