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How to attach Sticky Note to Outlook mail

Post-it notes often find their potent use on notice boards serving as a reminder of an important upcoming movement. A similar functionality is offered digitally by Microsoft Outlook. Earlier, and the most recent version of Outlook offer a sticky note option to create notes that can be attached to your email message and then be emailed to a recipient. These Sticky Notes are easy to use and come built-in directly into the Outlook program. This article explains in brief,how to attach a Sticky Note to Outlook mail. The process of attaching a computer-generated sticky note to your email message is as simple as writing on a Post-it.

Attach Sticky Note to Outlook mail

Open your Outlook mail client and press Ctrl+Shift+N. You will see a Sticky Note open.

Type your message and once you are done, press the icon in the top left corner.

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If you would like to change the appearance of note, select Categorize from the right-hand section and choose the desired color.

If you select Save As it will save the Sticky Note to your desktop.

Select Forward, and a New Email form will open with the Sticky Note attached.

Type the email ID and a short message and send to the intended recipient, by clicking on Send.

That’s it!