Atmosphere Lite : Enjoy Natural Sounds on your Windows desktop

Imagine yourself a lying down on a calm beach or near a serene jungle stream after a long and tiring day of work. Wonderful isn’t it! There is nothing like being in a natural and green surroundings when you want to relax after a tiring, stressful and a hard day of work. Nature sounds also helps comfort you. When you are engaged in some relaxing activity such as yoga, meditation, reading or just trying to sleep. May it be a sound of a stream nearby, the ocean nights, jungle rain or campfire sounds, it helps to get a good sleep and a relaxed mind.

Atmosphere Lite for Windows

I am not sure about everyone, but ‘rain sounds’ always makes me sleepy. The sound of rain coming from the window feels like a natural lullaby to me which brings a terrific urge to crash on my couch. I recently wrote about SoundValley, software which helps to fight stress with its soothing nature sounds and today I came across another such wonderful program Atmosphere Lite.atmosphere lite

This is an awesome program which brings complete nature right here to my laptop. With its intuitive interface, this program is very simple to run and regulate. It has a huge list of nature sounds which include almost every nature sounds one would like to listen. Right from the “Approaching thunderstorm” to “Campfire”, “Dawn Chorus”, “Hurricane”, “Ocean Night” and “Woodland Evening” sounds.

The program has a pre-set combination of sounds for each category, but you can customize them in your own way. With every sound stream, you can add many other backgrounds sounds like Light rain, jungle, rain on the roof, night, ocean, campfire and much more. There are many random sounds also in the sound files of Atmosphere Lite like- seagulls, termites, beetles, owls, thunder rolls, etc.

Although, it has a pretty good list of nature sounds, you can also record your own favorite nature sounds and add it to the program. The recorded files are saved as .wav files, but you can convert it to an MP3 file also.

volume atmostphere lite

Atmosphere Lite is extremely adjustable, and you can adjust the master volume, random volume, background volume, colors, images and much more. The program has its default set of images for every sound files, and you can change them by clicking on ‘Default’ button just below the image. You can also change the slideshow configuration from ‘Visual Options’ tab. Double click on the thumbnail image and enjoy the wonderful nature sounds with a full-screen nature- imagery.full screen mode atmosphere lite

Last but not the least; Atmosphere Lite also comes with a built-in clock and alarm feature. The clock in the program syncs with your system’s clock. You can set the alarm clock, and the app will shut down when the alarm goes off.

Overall, I liked this program and would definitely recommend it to you if you are a nature lover and not getting time to intermingle with nature due to your busy schedules. It helps you to relax after your tiring and stressful day, and if you want some soothing natural feel to get in a good mood, Atmosphere Lite is a decent choice. When your playlist in media player library seems boring, you can run Atmosphere Lite in the background and enjoy the calming nature sounds.

Download the free version of Atmosphere Lite by clicking here and let us know if you liked it.

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