How to assign Tasks in Microsoft To-Do online task management tool

You must have heard of Microsoft To-Do. It is a cloud-based task management tool that allows any user to manage their amount of work on a Windows 10 desktop or a mobile device. We have to say, the user interface is quite visceral with several options that increase productivity to a great deal, and that’s one of the many reasons why Microsoft To-Do is one of the best in its class on the web today.

Not too long ago, Microsoft invested some time into adding new features to the program, and one of them is all about assigning tasks. We were quite surprised the company did not add this feature from the start, but it’s here now, and that is more important than the past. Now, many of you might be wondering how to assign tasks in Microsoft To-Do. Today we’re going to explain how to assign tasks in the easiest way possible, which is likely the only way.

How to assign Tasks in Microsoft To-Do

To assign tasks to users in Microsoft To-Do, in short, you have to:

  1. Open Microsoft To-Do and select a Task
  2. Click Assign to in the Details pane
  3. Click the User’s name to whom you want to assign the task to.

That is all there is to it, but let us see this in a bit more detail.

How to assign Tasks in Microsoft To-Do

Bear in mind that before assigning a task, there must be others on your shared list. If you’re all alone, then the assign option will never show up, so please remember that going forward.

Now, to assign a task, please click the option that says Tasks to view all the tasks you have listed. After that, click on the task you want to assign to whomever, and from there, select Assign to. Doing so should launch a new window with a list of all members.

You see, this is where you must choose from the list of members who you’ll want to share the Tasks with. Clicking on them will automatically share the selected tasks, and that’s it really.

We should point out that once a task has been shared, other members will be able to see who is assigned to which task. It’s pretty straightforward, and most importantly, it works pretty well at the end of the day.

Too many tasks? Let’s end the clutter

Again, please open Microsoft-To-Do from your web browser, then navigate to Your Tasks. From there, select the tasks you want, then click on Add step under New Tasks. Once you’ve done that, just keep in mind you will always find them in the details section.

We hope you find this tip to assign a Task to users in Microsoft To-Do useful.

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