Artpip transform your Windows desktop into an Art gallery

Artpip was created by a group of developers based in Madrid, Spain. The love of developers for art gave them an objective to recreate the experience of visiting world’s greatest museums. And these art pieces can be used as wallpaper background on Windows 10 PCs, Laptops, and Tablets. They say on their homepage:

Transform your desktop into an art gallery of the world’s greatest fine art and photography.

Artpip displays fine art masterpices as your desktop wallpaper

After you have downloaded Artpip, double-click on the installer file. When you run the file that you downloaded, you will see a window like this-

It is worth noting that it did not ask me for UAC or User Account Control permissions at all while installing it. All I got was the software ready after performing the installation in seconds of running in seconds.

User Experience

The first screen that I noticed after installation looked something like this-

Artpip displays fine art masterpices as your desktop wallpaper

On the topmost selection, we have a choice to choose either of the selections of Featured, Custom or Favourites. Additionally, we can set how often we want these art-based wallpapers to shuffle or change. We have options to change them every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 Hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. This is neat as it provides greater customizability to Windows 10 more than what comes out of the box with Windows 10.

Now under that is the Fine Art option, where you can select the period of art that you want to see as your wallpaper. In the choices, you have many selections. They are Pre 1700, 1700-1800, 1800-1850, 1850-1890 and POST 1890. This brings another great customization that again, does not come with Windows 10.

Below that is the Photography section where you can select from 3 specified and clear options for Patterns, Urban and Nature. It works straightforwardly as you can just select any of them and get a wallpaper that matches your taste and choice.

One the left sidebar, you have another button shaped in a heart. That is for your favorites. If you favorite any wallpaper while browsing, it will be stored here just for you, and when you select the favorites button on the top, you will get your favorites as wallpapers.

On the bottom part of the window, you will notice a few things. First of all, there will be the name of the owner of the artwork, the year it was painted/captured and obviously the name of the artwork as well.

Besides that, you will see a heart button to add the picture or the image as your favorite. Neighboring that is a cart button. This button will redirect you to a page to buy a framed poster of that image. Neat!

Now on the rightmost side, you will have the left and right arrows. If you are guessing that these are to change wallpapers, you are right! If you find a wallpaper that you don’t like, just hit any of those keys to choose the next or the previous wallpapers depending on what arrow button you click on.

Another icon on the left sidebar is the gear icon that denotes settings. Clicking on that takes you to the settings section of the software. Surprisingly, there is nothing much that you can set. There are just two toggles. One is for Starting the app on startup, and the other one is for Notifications. 

This is how the minimal option settings section of Airpip looks like in reality.

Some great visuals of the User Experience like the blur wallpaper background display in the background of the main panel make it really attractive.

These were the features for the Free version. The software offers additional features – but for using them, you have to buy their Artpip Pro version, which is a one-time purchase.

Artpip is available for Windows 10. But the catch is that it only supports the x64 or 64-bit installation of Windows 10. You can head here to download the setup for yourself from their official website. The file that you will get for Windows 10 is around 58MB in size.

Let us know in the comments section if you have already tried this software and if you liked it or not. These comments will help others who are new to this product.

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  1. Artpip is great! I’m a big fan.

    I’d point out that the Artpip Pro upgrade is just a one time purchase – it’s not a subscription.

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