Apps to customize Windows Phone 8 lock screen

Windows Phone 8 has made lock screen customization flexible by giving the lock screen wallpapers, control to third-party apps. Making use of this feature,  many apps have been introduced in the Marketplace, that can fully control your lock screen and let you change it to amazing different live wallpapers. Lets check out a few of them.




Photostream is FREE app for Windows Phone 8 that synchronizes with Flickr, 500px, local albums and Skydrive Album to update lockscreen wallpaper automatically.

Everything from Flickr – and that includes Flickr’s interesting photos, a favorite group, a keyword search, or a user’s photostream can be used as a Live Wallpaper. 500px photo sources including, Popular photos, Editor’s picks, Upcoming photos, Fresh today, Fresh yesterday, and Fresh this week. Skydrive albums can also be used as a source – this will allow you to manage your wallpaper collection from anywhere. The local albums from the phone are supported as well.

One can use crop region of the photo as a wallpaper and also arrange the photo source the way he want. A Wallpaper refresh can be scheduled from 30 mins to once a week.

Photostream is a complete app that will enhance your lock screen. It is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for FREE.



Lockstream is a PAID app for Windows Phone 8 for customizing your lock screen. It sources photographs from local albums, Facebook albums and also from the Skydrive folders. It offers ability to add quotes or your favourite message of the day to the lockscreen. It controls multiple streams automatically and also manually.

Lockstream is mainly focused on using your own images for wallpaper. It is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for $0.99. Try it, before you buy it.



Lockslider+ is also a PAID app for Windows Phone 8 which provides you a wide range of wallpapers along with a weather widget. Unlike the apps mentioned above, Locksider+ doesn’t sync with any source, but has its own database of wallpapers. It offers you six categories to choose wallpapers – and that includes Today’s Favorites, Cool pics, Geeky, Abstract, Nature and Mellow. Images can be changed once a day, twice a day, every four hours or every hour.

Along with the wallpaper, Lockslider+ also adds a weather widget on the lockscreen. It provides you the current weather information, the current temperature and other conditions. The weather information is updated along with the wallpaper.

Locksider+ is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for $1.49.



AccuWeather is another FREE app for Windows Phone 8. It is not a lock screen customization app, but a weather app that allows you lock screen customization as well.

AccuWeather is one of the complete weather app that resides on the start screen giving you various weather options. One of its features, brings weather information on the lock screen in a very elegant way. With Windows Phone 8 you can revamp your phone’s lock screen with a snapshot of the weather forecast for your home location including severe weather alerts and a beautiful weather image.

AccuWeather is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for FREE.

Even though there are lot of such apps, we have selectively compiled this list which include feature-rich apps avoiding duplicates. Let us know if we missed any.

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