Apple’s CEO Tim Cook calls Microsoft Surface ‘a compromised, confusing product’!

Microsoft launched the ingenious Surface tablet yesterday and early reviews have emerged in favor of the compelling and exceptional hardware with a few pointing software and usability flaws within the Windows RT environment. And among the few who aren’t in favor of the Surface device is Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. After calling Windows 8 a combination of a toaster and refrigerator, he called Surface a confusing product!

During the company’s earning call early yesterday, Tim Cook said:

I haven’t personally played with the Surface yet, but what we’re reading about it is that it’s a fairly compromised, confusing product.

In all honesty, the above statement by Tim is pretty laughable, more so when it comes from someone who hasn’t used the product, but is more than willing to lend his ‘expert opinion’. Agreed that Tim Cook is the CEO of a major software company and that he does possess sound knowledge of the software devices and their ecosystem but a Surface device cannot be gauged upon from its first looks instead as can be done with the iPad, which seemingly has the same UI since its inception. Microsoft Surface runs on Windows RT, a fresh, new operating system especially suited for tablets and touch-slates and brings along a new and exciting user experience.

Tim Cook pointed out that the ‘iPad competitor might be biting off more than it can chew’. Well as a consumer myself, I’d prefer a tablet device which does ‘more‘ for me having almost similar specifications/dimensions than its competitor. Here, Surface not just does ‘more’ for the consumer but it does it in a fresh new way armed with the Modern UI.

According to Tim:

I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well. I think people when they look at the offerings will really want an iPad.

Not really!

An iPad was indeed a revolutionary device when introduced but it isn’t the same in the present scenario where we have a new iPad launching every six months and Apple announcing no support for the earlier versions. That’s almost like asking consumers for their hard-earned money and later throwing back a sign at their face which reads ‘YOU ARE OUTDATED’. Not good at all.

And given the recent gaffes which went Apple’s way, including the disastrous Apple Maps introduced with iOS6, the consumer’s perception towards Apple has changed significantly.

No one would want to buy a ‘new iPad’ or whatever the naming convention they follow, only to see a new version with little modifications emerge within few months.

The highest rated comment on CNET on an iPad-launch related article was by an Angry iPad owner – “To Apple: Thanks for making my ‘new iPad’ obsolete”. No one would also want to search for a place in Brazil and be directed to head over to Russia (Apple Maps)… except die-hard Apple fans.

As far as Surface is concerned, it’s definitely worth a try, if not a buy. But use it for a few minutes and you’ll want to take the beauty home! As for Tim Cook, if you are reading this, please do search for the hashtag #surfaceflyingcar on Twitter. You might do your day with some amazing hilarious responses!

Reminds me of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi – First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

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  1. EggsAreGood

    Being “outdated” when Apple makes a new version of your old iPad is far better than being outdated whenever you buy a new Microsoft product.

  2. Greg Partlow

    heh, so if this were the cable news networks leading toward a political bias, which network would this be? I bet msnbc (nice, Microsoft) would lean toward the ipad since they seem to be more liberal, and apple fan boys like those type of pushed on you ideals. almost socialistic in a sense wherein apple controls what you can do with their product. I enjoy the windows based devices, and am particularly interested in the surface. do they have retail store setups you’re aware of?

  3. Mister Lee

    Tim Cook did not say that Surface is a confusing Product. What he said is simple and clear. He said that he HAVE NOT USED it yet, but HE HAS READ WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT IT, and what he read is he says “it’s a fairly compromised and confusing product”

    and YES,. Surface is really a fairly compromised and Confusing Product.

  4. Otis68

    He sounds like Ballmer when he laughed at the iPhone, and Ballmer is a jerk at best.. But I offer a minor correction; Apple is a hardware company, not a software company as you assert…Microsoft is more of a ‘single product’ software company; Windows is their only contribution, so far they have failures like Zune fone and others in the hardware category, so this ‘Surface’ may prove to be another..

  5. Randy Gilmore

    For starters Tim Cook didn’t call the interviewer, the interviewer called him and asked for his opinion. He said he hadn’t tried it, so that should be the end of that. To those who want to read into what ever is written, Apple is a hardware and software company, where do you think they get their operating system from? Just haters from both sides that want controversy, wake up and see what is being reported.

  6. emaleroland

    Ah, Apple. *smh* At least Tim Cook acquired the Steve Jobs flawed debating skills, so I guess Jobs will be immortal after all. As someone said on CNET in the comments of this article

    “I find the contrast between Cook and Microsoft’s Sinofsky to be very telling. The latter showed a realistic understanding and respect for his competitors.

    It doesn’t mean very much to say your product is better when a second earlier you said your competitor sucked. That just makes your product suck plus.

    I guess cook wasn’t impressed by the bezel.”

    And, Randy, I doubt you can classify Apple as a hardware and/or software company.unless you count stealing ideas of others as the definition. I noticed they left off the iOS and iPhone names which they stole from Cisco.

    But, Jobs has been a thief and a liar since the beginning.

    I wonder if the Apple ladies would be any nicer today had the true genius of the Apple duo stuck around?

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