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AnVir Task Manager Free: Alternative to Windows Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager is one of the most powerful tools in Windows PC systems as it allows the user to monitor the computer performance, processes, running applications, network activity, memory information and CPU usage. While I use it to close an application when it freezes or crashes, Windows Task Manager helps to tell if there are any suspicious programs running in the background of your system affecting its performance and speed.

Although Windows Task Manager works fine for me some power users prefer using a third-party task manager tool which provides extensive information and granular control to monitor their computer performance and processes.

AnVir Task Manager Free

AnVir Task Manager Free is a free task manager tool which helps user monitoring as well as improving their computer system’s performance. It lets you make some important adjustments in your operating system and to improve its performance.

With a very simpler user interface, AnVir Task Manager is quite extensive and shows running applications, processes, services, drivers, and Windows startup programs. It allows you to terminate any of the active processes, edit or disable the start-up programs and to stop any of your system’s applications. It might seem to be similar to the built-in Windows Task Manager but is it is an advanced task manager which comes with a startup manager and an antivirus.

Unlike the standard Windows Task Manager, AnVir Task Manager provides thorough information about running applications, startup services, and system processes. Besides providing the detailed info, it also provides the proper tools to help you manage all the startup items and services.

You can control your startup section and edit, start or stop any application using the registry editor. You can, in fact, open the item in its directory using the context menu and edit its properties.

It helps users to –

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Overall, AnVir Task Manager is a very capable PC management tool which comes with interesting features. It can help you keeping a clear track of all installed and running processes on your computer system and helping you to keep your PC clean and running smoothly.

Important: AnVir Task Manager is a nice and useful freeware, but it tries to install Reg Organizer on your system.

So make sure you uncheck this option if you don’t want to install it. Visit its home page for details.

Task Manager Deluxe and Daphne Task Manager are other Task Manager alternative software for Windows 10/8/7 you may want to check out.