Anna Hazare’s crusade inspires Angry Anna Game

Anna Hazare, India’s Gandhian anti-corruption crusader who is now on his 11th day of fast has inspired millions of Indians to join his ‘silent revolution’ to make the India Parliament adopt the Jan Lokpal Bill.

This Bill is not expected to be a panacea for corruption in India, but atleast it is the first step being taken in the right direction to fight the rampant corruption in India.

Corruption has in India sickened Indians. This menace starts right from the top and ends at the bottom. It is estimated that over $1.5 trillion of India’s money is parked illegally in Swiss Banks.

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Having ignited the spark of non-violent agitation, it now shows no sign of abating and has put the govt on back-foot

The Govt. seems reluctant to pass the bill, but this is understandable! Passing the Jan Lokpal Bill would be tantamount to putting a noose around one’s own neck. Now which corrupt politician would want to do that!

Hopefully the government will sense the mood of the people and their aspirations and resolve the issue soon.

Inspired by this, a new game Angry Anna has been launched.

Designed and developed by a team consisting of Mohd Shahnawaz, Mohd Faisal, Himanshu Himthani, Himanshu Bhist, Vivek Verma, this game is similar to Angry Birds, where Anna and his team try to bash the corrupt politicians.

Play it here and enjoy bashing the corrupt!

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