Anna Assistant is a perfect voice assistant for Google Chrome

Ever since Siri made its debut for iOS, dozens of others have been trying to replicate the feature for their respective platforms. We have quite a few offerings from popular brands like Microsoft (Cortana), Google Assistant, etc. Similar to these; there is a free extension that adds a handy voice assistant to Google Chrome – Anna Assistant. Take a look!

Anna Assistant for Google Chrome

Talking to Anna is easier. It is very dynamic in conversation. You can ask the browser extension questions and tell it to do things. It is always ready to help.

To bring the app into action, you simply need to visit the Google Chrome Store and hit the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

Once done, the extension will be added to the browser space as an icon.

When prompted with the request to allow it to use the microphone, click ‘Allow’.

Instantly, you will be directed to the main page where the icon will show that the app extension has been activated.

Anna Assistant for Google Chrome

Now to simply verify if the extension is working as desired by just saying “hey” followed by a request like, “Hey Anna” open The Windows Club website and it will return with the following results.

You can also order Anna to play a video from YouTube, post a tweet and get weather forecast since it is deeply integrated with popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and essential services like Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

The features mentioned above are relatively basic. Hence, there’s a scope for improvement. Also, there’s one shortcoming – Anna currently lacks an option to switch voices between a male and a female. Changes are likely to be made or incorporated in future versions.

Anna is developed by an India-based team, and as such, it didn’t have any problem in picking up my accent, and the search results are very appropriate. Instances where the voice assistant failed to apprehend a particular command, it opened up the web search.

Download this voice assistant from the Google Chrome Store and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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