AniWeather: Animated weather add-on for FireFox & Chrome

AniWeather is a cool add-on for Mozilla FireFox & Google Chrome browsers. The term AniWeather has been coined from ‘Animated Weather’ and ‘Any Weather’. This add-on animates weather information for locations around the world.

Here are some highlighted features it provides:

  • Weather information in appealing animations
  • Real time condition update + 5-day forecast
  • Check the weather of over 77,000 locations worldwide
  • Switch locations in one click
  • US only. A rich set of graphic reports (radar, satellite, alerts, etc.)
  • Link to more detailed views seamlessly
  • Fully customizable to fit your preference (temperature unit, location list, and much more)

We all like to know how the weather is and will be like in some time right ? If you are planning for some party and don’t want the rains, the weather forecast is what you’ll see first!

Now you don’t need to switch on your TV or log on to some weather website because this add-on does all the job. It’s got many options, when you install this, it asks for your location, if not, it can also detect your location. It shows the real time weather conditions and has also got good graphics.

AniWeather is now available for Firefox, Chrome, iPhone and iPad too!

Like it? Then head over to its home page to install it.

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  1. Mikro

    Corrupt download for the firefox version.

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