Wait Chain Traversal feature in Windows 10

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  1. I do realize this is an old post but I could use some feedback: Neither the resource monitor or task manager installed on my Windows 8.1 laptop allow me to see anything but the most basic thread which doesn’t help at all. This even though I’m using the monitors as “administrator”. Is there another option available that would fully expose the processes? Firefox for one thing only shows one tab label for each window rather than each open tab/window process. It would be very helpful if I could even just identify which open tab/window is actually causing the problem. That would help me track down the culprit.

    I really need to know what is causing my Firefox browser (it doesn’t matter which version I’m using; I’ve tried versions 45 to 50) to constantly hang or crash. CPU resources are going to 100% with half from the browser and have from service host local system. I was able to identify DRM.exe as the culprit a few times but more often it just says wait chain and some incomprehensible number. Not helpful at all. I will welcome any advice.

    Starting FF in safe mode doesn’t cure the problem so it isn’t likely any of the extensions/add ons. It also hangs and crashes on my android devices, even when I have no addons installed, and again, it doesn’t matter which version I’m using. I really like FF, some of their extensions are extremely useful for me and I like being able to save entire web pages that I can easily pull up instead of opening a browser online, or opening a cluttered file full of the site’s bits and pieces .

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