An All-In-One website for browsing Windows Phone 7 apps

Almost two weeks ago we posted that the 5,000 mark for Windows Phone 7 Marketplace had been crossed. But beyond just showing the stats for the Marketplace, this WP7AppList website has a great many resources for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

The website features:

  • Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Stats
  • Search for apps/games
  • Constant updates informing users of status of new and existing apps/games
  • Constant updates for pricing including Price Drops
  • Constant update of app count
  • Count of Free and Paid apps/games
  • Best Apps/Games
  • Xbox Live Games
  • Have a favorite app/game, you can blog it using your favorite social network (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace)
  • View user reviews
  • Reviews (Not yet activated)
  • Purchase apps/games (requires the Zune software be installed on your computer)

So if you get bored of browsing the Marketplace is a great website to visit for detailed information for apps/games from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace!

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is up to 5905 apps, according to stats on, a jump of 805 since Dec. 29th 2010!

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