AMD Ryzen is here with Intel in its crosshair: Which is better?

After years of stagnation, AMD has finally released a computer processor with the capabilities of competing directly with Intel. The processor in mind is no other than Ryzen, and from what many have to say, it’s a solid piece of technology with some drawbacks.

Before the launch of Ryzen, AMD went on a long marketing campaign to get computer users excited. A lot of shade was thrown against Intel processors as the company’s marketing team went into overdrive. Here’s the big question; how much of an improvement Ryzen is over the latest Intel processors?

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen beats Intel but lacking in gaming

AMD boast great gaming performance before the launch of the new processor, but real world gaming performance failed to live up to what the company had promised. AMD was right when it said Ryzen would deliver high performance for less when compared to Intel chips, and for the most part, such is truth.

Several reviewers have concluded that the R7 1800X is faster than Intel’s $1,000 CPU, the i7-6900K. This shouldn’t be a surprise to some since AMD made this claim before the launch of the CPU. In fact, the benchmark was done using Blender, a software well optimized for Ryzen.

Now, not every software is optimized for Ryzen, and in these cases, the Intel i7-6900K will definitely perform better. For example, the Intel CPU managed to outdo AMD’s latest when using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Render. But for the most part, Ryzen has proven itself to be a capable CPU designed with the future in mind.

The main downside, however, is in the gaming department. The chip is soundly beaten by the i7 6900K and other versions. This in truth is a major problem, and even more so when coupled with the fact that AMD bragged about gaming performance before the launch of Ryzen.

However, what is the reason behind the poor performance?

Ryzen is a new CPU, henceforth; developers will have to optimize their content to take advantage of the power it has to offer. AMD is working with game developers to ensure near-term updates for several games designed to improve performance.

We expect that with time, Ryzen should improve where gaming is concerned. Chances are, games out today won’t hit the high mark fans have come to expect, but the ones to come months from now should do the trick.

Should you purchase a Ryzen chip?

The R7 1800X is a $400 CPU with the performance similar to or greater than Intel’s $1,000 competition. The R7 1700 sits below, but it’s also impressive in the speed area and should work wonders for those using a heavy-duty software.

In terms of gaming, Ryzen is not there now. This should change in the future as more developers come on board. With this in mind, only professionals or folks using high-end software should purchase Ryzen. We recommend gamers to wait until most titles have been optimized for AMD’s most impressive chipset since the Athlon 64 line.

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  1. shumok62

    I’d say if you are gaming on anything less than the GTX 1070 and/or if you do anything besides gaming and don’t fancy shutting down all of your other programs just to start a gaming session….Ryzen has Intel beat in that price range.

  2. Milind Gavkar

    If Blender is optimized for AMD Ryzen, then other softwares and benchmark softwares are heavily optimized for Intel processors.

    I am not not an idiot. I am using AMD processors for last 16 years without burning my pocket.

    By the way, AMD never claimed that RYZEN will outperform Intel processors in games.

    Just for your knowledge, use i7 6950x as a gaming processor. i7 6950x is the best processor from Intel. And tell us how it performs in games.

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