More amazing features of the Microsoft Surface Tablet


  1. I think you wld have to be stupid to buy a tablet that dont have a lan r thatisrunning win 8 and the fact it comes from microsoft with the way it is put together it wont even hold up and 599.00 or 999.00 what does it think t can do it could not even compare to a pandigital tablet must less a ipad tablet long live linux and mac

  2. They really need to price it correctly to get market share. They both look great and when it comes out I will be getting the RT version.

  3. nope, I didn’t get it
    ultrabooks within price range, will unpace those “surface”
    too thick as tablet, too slow as net/notebook
    just like Zune & XBox, M$oft hardware after-sale service, suck…..

  4. OK. Given a choice between Ultrabooks & Surface , you are preferring Ultrabooks . Which features tilted you towards Ultrabooks? You say Surfaces as ‘Too thick’ ? Too slow? Have you tried it to call it slow? And why you think its thick?

  5. First off, does it have a built-in touch screen? Does it weigh less than this product? Does it run full software? Does it come with a pen?

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