Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater

Flash player from Adobe is an important software which most computer users install. Without Flash, some web pages will not function properly and that is the reason why most hackers and malware program have started targeting Flash. Adobe releases frequent security updates and it is therefore very important to keep your Flash Player updated to its latest version.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is freeware which will download and install the latest version of Flash Player without having the need to download Adobe download manager. Adobe has set the new background updater to check for updates once an hour until it gets a response from Adobe. If the response says there is no new update, then it will wait 24 hours before checking again. Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater will detect the installed version, check online at the Adobe website for latest available version, even every 2 hours, and then offer to automatically install the new version automatically.

Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater

flash player

What you will really like about this software is that even inexperienced end-users can who cannot remember or manage software updates on their own, can easily use this one. Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater does not require any user interaction and thus keeps your system secure without bothering you.

Another high point is that it shows you Flash Player update for most browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, both 32 and 64 bit versions. So no matter which browser you use, whenever a version is available, it automatically updates without seeking any help from the user.

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flash player

Users are free to play with different settings including customizing parameters to automatically check for new versions at a user defined interval, ignore specific updates and install all updates without user intervention.

In case your User Account Control is disabled you have an option, where you can put administrator username and password for a smooth installation. Also you can configure the proxy server to access the Internet.

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Here are few key features of Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater:

  • It works even if there is no Flash Player is installed on the system – It offers to download it!
  • Works on both version of Windows x86 & x64
  • It automatically detects German, Spanish & English (spontaneously detects system language)
  • Can work completely hidden (except notifications which it sends when updates are available)
  • You can choose it to start automatically with windows
  • Works behind a proxy and with different administrator credentials (those are encrypted in the configuration file)
  • Can use a global configuration file for network environments

Limitation: (If we really have to call one) – It requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

Note: Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater is an ad-supported application that offers to download other software which you don’t really need. So, just watch out when you install it, and uncheck the relevant options.

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You can download Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater here.

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  1. Caution installs adware DELTA Toolbar with a hidden option to deselect. Delta Toolbar is hard to remove ever from PC with all its traces.

  2. Ankit Gupta

    It is an ad-supported application as I have mentioned in my post. Do look for add on softwares when you install.

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