Use AlomWare Reset to simulate a reboot of your Windows system

You are in the middle of a task and your computer isn’t responding fast. What you will do? Perhaps, rebooting is the first option that comes to your mind. But rebooting itself isn’t a quick process either. AlomWare Reset is a freeware can can take care of this.

AlomWare Reset

AlomWare Reset is a software that will automatically close all open windows and apps, free up and optimize your PC’s memory, terminate non-system processes, and set up your PC as though it were freshly booted. In short it will simulate a reboot. It resets and cleans your Windows system without making any harmful changes. If you are tired of restarting your computer again and again, AlomWare Reset will help you to save your time.

Features of AlomWare Reset

AlomWare Reset ill carry out the following tasks:

  1. All third party processes will be ended
  2. All running process’s memory will be released
  3. All data from the clipboard will be cleared
  4. The recent document lists will be cleared automatically
  5. If the NUM Lock Key is off, it will turn on automatically
  6. If the startup apps are not running, it will be relaunch

Simulate a reboot of your Windows PC

All you need to download and install the application and start using it by just a single click. On clicking the AlomWare Reset icon, it will show a pop-up. This pop-up will prompt you to enter the trail code.

AlomWare Reset

Important Note : The free trial version allows unlimited resets by using the a trial code before each use. Every time a new trial code will be generated, which you can use.

After entering the trial code and clicking OK, you will be able to see the main screen of the application.

AlomWare Reset

Once the main screen is open you can read the WARNING and click on the button to reboot your system without closing your applications.

AlomWare Reset

Rebooting your computer takes a lot of time. AlomWare Reset is a straightforward and better option to clear your system with ease. It works easily allowing you to in effect, ‘reboot’ your system.

AlomWare Reset free version is entirely licensed for private home use only and any other use is strictly prohibited. You can click here to download it.

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  1. Andrey

    Just do logoff. It has the same effect without third-party program.

  2. AlomWare-com

    Hi Andrey!

    Logging off is not quite the same effect because it has five distinct disadvantages compared to AlomWare Reset:

    (1) Some PCs have logoff and/or shutdown disabled,
    (2) It’s still a much slower process (you may as well reboot),
    (3) It requires the user to log in again with their Windows password,
    (4) It won’t clear the PC’s temp folder to free up some hard drive space,
    (5) and it won’t let you auto-run a batch file or executable afterwards, such as a game or app.

    In the end, of course it’s up to you, but for many of our customers, they’ve seen the benefits of AlomWare Reset over a logoff and purchased a license within a day of using the trial.

  3. Juan Figueroa

    Logging off is not the same. You will experience in other accounts, foe example sluggishness until you reset the system or this application as is intended.

  4. Juan Figueroa

    Tried to download, but Panda Cloud Antivirus popped up with “suspicious file detected”, now i’m not sure if i should install it.

  5. AlomWare-com

    Hi Juan. The download and app itself is clean, as proven by VirusTotal. Always get a second opinion from other antivirus sources. 🙂

  6. Lojix Net

    The write-up doesn’t specifically mention that this is a paid license application. The free version is actually promoted as a “Trail”. Trial by definition meaning use for testing or temporary, are there any limitations with the trial version?

  7. As far as I understand, this ‘trial’ version only requires you to generate and use that code every time. There are no limitations.

  8. AlomWare-com

    Hi Lojix and Anand!

    The app is actually a trial (as the screenshots in the review shows) with payment expected for continued use. That said, we are pretty laid-back with it, so the trial actually never ends and you can trial it as often as needed just by entering the daily trial code.

    Please note that any custom processes and options selected are NOT saved for trial users, and will be lost after every reset — only paid users enjoy the privilege of having their custom settings saved, plus they can start the app immediately without any trial code, and get access to a command-line feature, and an option to reset immediately by holding down the Shift key when starting the app. It’s all in the manual. 😉

    Thanks for looking at the app!

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