Adobe’s new Flash update, to push Automatic Updates – and 3rd party software!

By now I suppose you must be getting really tired of manually installing updates to your Adobe Flash Player quite frequently. In fact in the last month or two itself Adobe has released, I think, 3 critical security updates. And these are updates you cannot ignore. They are patches which fix vulnerable holes in the Flash Player – severe holes which could allow malware writers and hackers a way into your computer.

Windows is secure – but many a times it is the third-party software installed on the system which are used as a vector to compromise computers – and Adobe Flash Player is a very common vector.

A few days back Adobe has released one more security update for Adobe Flash. This new update introduces a new new background updater. That is no longer will you have to update your Flash manually. If you have checked the option to update automatically – your Adobe Flash will update itself automatically.

The new Flash Player now explicitly include their “bit type” & version number in the filename: the 32-bit Flash for IE is now named Flash32_11_2_202_228.ocx (rather than Flash11H.ocx ), and the 32-bit Flash for other browsers is named NPSWF32_11_2_202_228.dll.

After a successful installation of Adobe Flash Player 11.2, users will be presented with a dialog box to choose an update method. The following three update options are available to users:

  • Install updates automatically when available
  • Notify me when updates are available
  • Never check for updates.

We recommend you opt for Notify me when updates are available.

If you need to change the settings in future, you can open the Flash Player Settings Manager via Control Panel. Under the Advanced tab, you will be able to changes the settings.

Adobe has set the new background updater to check for updates once an hour until it gets a response from Adobe. If the response says there is no new update, then it will wait 24 hours before checking again. The will accomplish this through the Windows Task Scheduler to avoid running a background service on the system. If you are running multiple browsers on your system, the background updater will update every browser. This will solve the problem of end-users having to update Flash Player for Internet Explorer separately from Flash Player for their other open-source browsers.

While the fact that it will update automatically is great, you will have to take care! The update may (or may not) push McAfee Security Scan Plus or Iolo System Optimizer without your knowledge – and you don’t want that happening now, do you!?  That is why we recommend that you opt for the Notify me when updates are available option, till we are sure, in the Adobe Flash Player Settings.

TWCF member hackerman1 has posted direct download links of Adobe Flash Player, just in case any of you need them.

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