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Adobe InDesign CC 2014 tutorial for beginners

Adobe rolled out InDesign CC successor, InDesign CC 2014 in July this year. Base on feedback, Adobe has added those features that InDesign users were looking for. Moreover, Adobe InDesign CC 2014 is a cloud based application which offers users, an update notification whenever Adobe releases any new product update.

Adobe InDesign CC 2014 new features

InDesign CC 2014 ships with new features like Seamless update, a What’s New dialog, Color groups, EPUB enhancement, Improving packaging option, Enhanced data merge for QR code, Footnote enhancements, HiDPI supports for Windows, Scalable effects, Modernization-Changes to panels, Improvements to tables, and more.

Before we begin working with InDesign, you must have InDesign CC 2014 preinstalled. We have already covered how to install Adobe CC 2014 application in our previous article.

Adobe InDesign CC 2014 beginners tutorial

Create a New InDesign File

Once you have installed InDesign CC 2014, launch the application. Now, go to File > New > Document, enter the number of pages that you want in InDesign file and hit OK.

After you create a file with the number of pages you have selected, use the Tools option that appear on the left hand side, to create a text box, a rectangular box, and add values to it – like we have added TheWindowsClub.

Then, add colors using the Color Panel, which usually appears on the right hand side in the program. If you are unable to see the color panel, then click on the window menu which appears on the top > Select Color. This option will enable the panel and it will appear on the right hand side.

After you are done working in InDesign, now to save the file, go to File > Save as. Give a name to the file and hit Save.

How to Enable Hidden Panels

By default InDesign CC 2014 loads up with all panels, tools option but if in case you do not see any options like tools, layers, stroke, swatches or folio option then simply navigate to Windows menu > select the respective options that you are looking for, and it will start appearing on the screen.

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Just drag those panels/tools to their places to arrange, by default all tools option appears on the left hand side and panels option appears on the right hand side irrespective of the Operating System i.e. it will remain the same on both Mac or Windows platform.

How to Print InDesign File

InDesign offers many options to print a file. To print a file, go to File > Print, a window will appear on the screen asking for different customization options. Make appropriate selections. Once you are satisfied after inspecting the output using Print preview option, then hit Print, and it will start printing that InDesign file for you.

InDesign CC 2014 is a very popular program developed by Adobe for all designer, magazine creator, application developer for Windows, Windows Phone, iPad and it is used worldwide.

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