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Adobe Creative Cloud: Getting started guide

In July this year, Adobe dropped support for its older Creative Suite products and released Creative Cloud (CC). Adobe’s newer product is based on Cloud launched last year. Adobe Creative Cloud is for all designers, photo editor, iPad apps creator. It runs on Adobe built-in cloud eco-system and offers many amazing cloud features like preference sync, file sharing, font download etc. CC is a subscription based product (monthly & yearly plan) i.e. a user cannot buy the product, they have to get a subscription for the application that they want to use.

Adobe Creative Cloud

We normally do not talk about shareware, preferring to talk about free software instead. While there are several freeware photo editing software, none come close to the software which Adobe develops. In this post, we will talk about how to get started with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud System Requirement 

Before you begin with Creative Cloud, system requirement is one the most important part a user must check. For the newer version of CC 2014, it requires Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7 SP1, 2GB RAM (8GB recommended), sufficient hard drive space, supported video card & decent internet connection to download, install and activate the product. The system requirement may change depend upon the type of product a user is going to download and install.

Adobe Creative Cloud Download

Just like older version, a user can download Creative Cloud and install it on his Windows computer. Adobe offers 30-days trial option after that user have to go for full version of the product. The download time will depend upon internet connection speed. CC 2014 can be download from this link.

How to activate Adobe CC

After the download starts, till 50% the product is in download stage, after that it begins installing the application at the same time so by the time the download will reach 100%, the product installation will be complete.

Adobe Creative Cloud Login

Adobe Creative Cloud Pricing

Adobe sells CC in three version, Creative Cloud Member (CCM) for individual user, Creative Cloud Team (CCT) for small and medium businesses & Creative Cloud Enterprise (CCM) for large organization. CC licensing price starts from $ 9.99 and goes higher to thousand dollars per month.

There are many applications Adobe offers for trying free. The trial version will work in a same way there is no difference. One can download and install the trial version,  before going for the full membership.

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