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How to add Picture Reminder to Cortana in Windows 10

Here’s a new tip for Windows 10 Cortana users on Windows 10. The digital assistant from Microsoft can be used for the task of creating or adding a Picture reminder to it. As usual, these reminders can be created via voice control or by simply activating the WinKey+C command.

Add a Picture Reminder to Cortana

You can exchange pleasantries digitally with your friends wishing them during festive seasons like Christmas or a new year. You can add a picture reminder to Cortana bearing a line or two of text, communicating your feelings on the festive occasion. Here’s the way to proceed.

Bring up “Cortana” and click the Hamburger icon to bring up the Reminders option. Assuming you never added a picture reminder before, click the “+” sign visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

Thereafter, just adjacent to the “Reminder” field, search for “Camera”. When you find it, choose the option. It will offer 2 labels

  1. Library
  2. Camera

If you already have the image saved on your computer, navigate to the address and chose the desired picture to “Open” it. The selected image will appear on the Cortana interface, and in the “Remember to” field, append the image with a small note.

Finally, you will observe three buttons underneath the reminder note:

  1. Person
  2. Place
  3. Time

Pick up the one that suits your requirement. The “reminder note” will be viewed alongside the opted image. Hit the “Save” button when you are done.

The procedure for adding a picture reminder to Cortana in Windows 10 is thus pretty simple. More importantly, you can create a reminder by typing or hands-free, using your voice. However, to do so you should have “Hey Cortana” properly configured and enabled.