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Add new voice commands to Cortana on Windows 10 with Cortanium

Cortana, the personal digital assistant is one of the most loved features of Windows 10. Cortana, which recently has made a leap from Windows Phone to the desktop can do a lot more than being a virtual assistant. You can, however, extend the use of Cortana by getting the Cortanium app.

Add new voice commands to Cortana

Cortanium is a Windows Store app that allows you to easily add over 25 new voice commands to Cortana on Windows 10. Being a Universal Windows app, Cortanium runs both on Windows 10 Mobile devices as well as Windows 10 PCs. Lt’s take a look at how to use Cortanium on PCs.

Using this Windows Store app you can leverage the power of Cortana and take your Windows 10 PC to next level. In other words, it makes more fun to use Cortana and also expands the functionality features significantly.

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Cortanium also lets you Shutdown, Restart, Suspend and Log Off your PC using Cortana command.

Some of the other major commands which come with Cortanium are:

Cortanium however, is not a free app but is very reasonably priced at around. You can get this wonderful app just for $1.99. The app uses your internet connection, your location, your microphone, Bluetooth device and also use the devices which support NFC services.

Cortanium app on Windows Store

Download this Cortana enhancement app from Windows Store and spruce up your Cortana experience.