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How to add National Holidays to Calendar App in Windows 10

Microsoft ships a built-in Calendar app with the Windows 10 operating system. With Windows 10, the app gets even better with a revamped interface and added functionalities. You can use this app to connect it with your Microsoft Account and easily plan and schedule events. One of the basic features of the Windows 10 Calendar app is the ability to view National Holidays. You can add National Holidays for any country, based upon your region or interest. In this guide, we will show you how to add National Holidays for any country around the world to your Calendar app in Windows 10.

Add Holidays to Windows 10 Calendar App

To add National Holidays to your Windows 10 Calendar app, open it and select More Calendars. From the list of countries, select the country whose holidays you want to add. It’s pretty simple – let us see how to do this in a bit more detail.

1. Press Windows Key on your keyboard and search for calendar. Click on Calendar (Trusted Windows Store app) to launch the Calendar app.

2. Now in the left pane, look for and click on More calendars.

3. A pane will slide out on the right side with a list of all the countries. You can select any country for which you want to add National holidays to your

You can select any country for which you want to add National holidays to your Outlook Calendar.

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4. Once you have added the holiday calendars for your desired countries, click anywhere on the outside of this window.

Your settings will be saved and you should be able to see the National holidays for all the countries you have selected, in the calendar pane on the right side.

When adding holidays for more than one country, you’ll notice that there is a specific color code assigned to each country, as it is visible in the above image. This is to draw a distinction between the national holidays of different countries. A color code helps you to identify the holidays for a particular country just by casting a brief look.

Hope this helps you!

If you wish, you can also add an alternate calendar in Mail & Calendar app. If you are an Outlook user, then this post will show you how to add Holidays to Outlook Calendar.