Add Minimize to Tray & other buttons to Explorer & applications with eXtra Buttons

eXtra Buttons is a program that adds a set of rather useful buttons to your explorer windows, browser windows, and most other open program windows.

Add Minimize to Tray & other buttons to Explorer & applications

This nifty freeware gives you up to 9 assorted configurable buttons to keep the desktop and windows organized. The set of buttons can be redefined at any moment.

eXtra Buttons adds the following set of additional buttons:

  • Always on top
  • Send to background
  • Start a copy of the application in a new window
  • Roll-up/Unroll windows to the title bar
  • Minimize to Box on Desktop
  • Set Transparency
  • Configure transparency
  • Minimize to Tray and place its icon in Notification area
  • Minimize windows and place its icon in Notification area Menu

In case you do not want any application to display these extra buttons, you can add the application to its blacklist.

eXtra Buttons download

You can download it from its home page.

Also, check out RBTray.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Thierry

    it doesn’t that well anyway! The buttons don’t show on all windows and there’s a lot of small bugs… Not worth installing and obviously not worth paying for that crap

  2. Jacob

    Cheaters! They are clearly misleading people.

  3. Robert Nielsen

    I actually posted a complaint about this on their website…..they informed me a little while ago that they have realized their mistake and released a new help file that removes the registration request…no more mention of a registration fee or anything like that.

  4. ^ So is it to be confirmed as a freeware, Robert?

  5. Alex Skrypnyk

    Hi Everyone

    I’m one of the developers of eXtra Buttons software and would like yo clarify the information.

    Our software used to be shareware 3 years ago, but we changed it recently to freeware. The latest build was accidentally compiled with an old version of a help file. No functionality has been restricted. It was just the wrong help file. Thats it.

    Moreover, there were no functionality restrictions in neither of latest versions. There is even no option to enter a serial code.

    Finally, the software is free and therefore it may contain bugs and some functionality problems that we are currently working on. And it is actually a beta version, but it does not stand clearly on the website, I agree. So we will put this information that the version is Beta on the website ASAP.

    Now, I have a question to the author of the article: How come that you can post update to your article BEFORE contacting authors and clarifying the problem?

    Calling anyone “cheater” without even clarifying details is not cool at all.

  6. Hi Alex,

    I had written to ‘bugs at extrabuttons dot com’ yesterday, because that was the only mail id I found. i received no answer.

    Nevertheless, once I found out in the Help file that it was shareware, I decided to remove the post, as we do not cover shareware, unless it is accompanied with a giveaway.

    But thanks for clarifying about the status of the program. I will update the post again in a few hours. 🙂

  7. RiyuRaze

    I think it’s much pretty cool than similar program that I used recently. Good work.

  8. nathan sokol


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