Add Features including Media Center to Windows 8

Windows 8 is providing an upgrade option to add features to your PC to get a different Edition of Windows 8. Earlier in our article, we had seen how Microsoft has simplified the various Editions to be made available for Windows 8. So let us see how its done!

Add Features To Windows 8

From the Control Panel, go to System. There you’ll see the link “Get more features with a new edition of Windows”. AddFeature01 Another way is from Start screen. Place your mouse at top right to get Charms > Search for ‘Add Features’ and click on Settings. There you see ‘Add Features to Windows 8’. AddFeature02 When you click on it you get: Addfeature03 We can see that you can buy an upgrade online with a previously purchased Product key or can buy a Product key online to upgrade. In Windows 8 Release Preview, click on ‘I already have a Product Key’. The ‘I want to buy a product key online’ option will be in place in future final editions. At most you might see some dummy representative offerings if you want to just try ‘I want to buy a product key online’. So when you click on ‘I already have a product key’, enter this Product Key Specially provided for upgrade of Release Preview Edition. For the RTM final version, you will have to buy a license.


Click Next. Please note that you’ll have to Enter this key only (or purchased for upgrade in future) and not the one you entered for Windows 8 Release Preview. AddFeature04 Now, to get this screen, check ‘I accept the license terms’ and ‘Add features’ button. AddFeature05 This will start the process of Adding Features. It may take a while depending on your PC – if it needs any updates. Your PC will restart at least once. For me it took just 2-3 min and it restarted twice. AddFeature06 Now once all is done, you will find that your Windows 8 PC is ready with the upgrade. AddFeature07

Add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 RP

Actually in this Windows 8 Release Preview, this Add Features, adds the Media Center and thus that’s the upgrade version. The license key provided was also for adding Media Center only – as stated in the official FAQ.

Windows Media Center is not preinstalled in Windows 8 Release Preview. If you want to use Windows Media Center, you need to add it.

Thus after the upgrade, we can see the change of Windows 8 Edition as mentioned in Control Panel > System. AddFeature08 It now says – “Windows 8 Release Preview with Media Center‘ while as seen in our first screenshot it was ‘Windows 8 Release Preview’.

For the Windows 8 RTM final version, you will have to buy a license.

In Add features to Windows 8, you can get an edition of Windows 8 that has more features than your current edition. To get a new edition, you need to buy a product key—they’re available at electronics stores. Make sure to buy a product key that’s specifically for Add features to Windows 8. And you can also buy a product key online in some countries and regions. Once you buy a product key and enter it into Add features to Windows 8, new features will be added to your PC automatically and you’ll have a new edition of Windows 8.

So this is how you’ll be doing real world upgrades when you want to Add features by getting a different Edition of Windows 8.

Go here if you cannot add features to Windows 8.

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  1. I could be wrong. But it sounds to me like Microsoft is going back to the XP days.

    Windows 8
    Windows 8 Pro
    Windows 8 Media Center.

  2. Hotmail

    all this to add the Media Center? No,Sir!

  3. Ed

    I am assuming that these “upgrades” would be at a cost?

  4. Vasudev

    Yes , you’ll have to buy these upgrades as shown in screenshot – buy a product key online.
    Here shown just as an example to show how easy these upgrades will be to do.

  5. Ed

    I was being sarcastic Vasudev.

  6. Ac121559

    What’s the difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8?

  7. Jviktorin

    This is a great article; nice work Vasudev. The comments below do not reflect the quality of this article in any way.

    IMHO, with all of the free open source media products that are available, you have to ask yourself “Do I really want to add more MS spyware to an already bloated Windows 8?”.

    As a Data Scientist, I feel an obligation to tell you about what is captured by products like this one.

    Please be aware that Microsoft captures a massive amount big data that contains info about what you watch, when you watch it, and retains a detailed history of viewed content. Like Google and Apple, it’s all about collecting information about you, what you do, where and when you do it. Naturally, they sell this information to large corporations and in turn, people like me will sift through it to make actionable BI reports for my company.

    It would be nice if all three would be honest and forthcoming to the public and explain what they collect in simple, easy to understand terms. That way, consumers can understand what is collected and make informed decisions.

  8. phen1hk

    yes and not just one off, you will paid like office 365 i thinks is us$20/year

  9. fuku


  10. JJMorgan

    This is ridiculous…. ‘Windows Media Center’ should be INCLUDED with Windows. For such a poor product, the last thing Microsoft should be doing is CHARGING for the tidbits that MIGHT make it worthwhile…

  11. oklibaby

    i had windows media center and now have windows 8.1 e/o media center this is caca

  12. Bloodshot"Bloodsz"Blaster

    I wanna put media center on my XBOX 360

  13. disappointed d

    I am so disappointed with this product. I purchased this laptop to realize I can not even play a dvd unless I pay to install the media center. I will be letting my friends know this product is a JOKE!!!!!!

  14. VIERRI


  15. EpicWolfster

    “0 isn’t a valid character” YET I HAVE IT IN THE DAMN PRODUCT CODE.

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