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How to add Dictionaries to Google Chrome Spell Checker

The recent update to Google Chrome browser in December 2015 brought in an unwelcome change. Users are restricted from making any changes in the language for the Google Chrome Spell Checker. This appears to be a serious problem for bilingual users who really need to quickly switch in between two languages.

Although, the move occurs to many as a disappointing news good feature about it is that in Chrome 47 automatic spellcheck in multiple languages has been implemented at the same time!  So you can continue to type in different languages, and Chrome will automatically spellcheck all of them without you needing to manually change languages.

Add Dictionaries to Chrome Spell Checker

Whenever Google Chrome browser is installed as your default browser, a default language dictionary is installed along with it. The browser is designed specifically to offer spell checking for that default language—unless you install other dictionaries separately. Chrome browser does allow a user to add additional languages to Chrome and set those languages to spell check as and when you desire.

Once you install the language packs of your choice and tweak a few settings, you can right-click in any typing field within Chrome and select a different language to check your spelling with. For instance, if you write in Spanish and English, you would want to add the Spanish dictionary to Chrome browser so that your Spanish texts get spell checked as well.

Add Additional Languages for Spell Checking in Google Chrome

To add additional languages for spell checking in Google Chrome, please try the following:

Click the hamburger icon located in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. choose Settings and then, Show advanced settings.

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Next, select Language and input settings.

Click “Add” for Languages.

For each of the desired language, on the right-side check the box for “Use this language for spell checking“.  Thereafter, you will observe Chrome browser showing “Downloading the spell checking dictionary“.

That’s it!

Remember, the shortcut to access all the above is from text fields and text boxes > right-click > Language settings.