Convert documents into PDF files from SharePoint with Adlib PDF Publisher

SharePoint gives you the chance to share your work, organize your projects and teams, and discover people and information. Microsoft believes it has added several interesting new features to the application. For instance, there is The Design Manager which isn’t just a simple new feature, but an entirely new web-based tool to help you manage Master Pages, Composed Looks, Devices, Reusable style templates and more. Also there are Device Channels, anew site template called Community Site and what not.

Adlib PDF Publisher app

Still, if you feel like adding more apps to SharePoint, there always remains a scope for doing so. Adlib PDF Publisher is one app that provides an easy way to convert and combine documents into high quality, professional PDFs right from SharePoint. Converting documents to PDF ensures content remains consistent and viewable on all mobile devices and platforms.

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Convert documents into PDF files from SharePoint

The Adlib PDF Publisher App installs a document-to-pdf conversion toolbar right on the SharePoint ribbon, to quickly select the files you want to convert from your SharePoint libraries.


For adding Adlibs PDF Publisher to SharePoint, go to the SharePoint site where you want to install this app.

The URL might look like this: http://mycompany/myteam.

Click the Settings icon at the top right corner of your site, and then click Add an app.

settings icon

In the Find an app search box, paste the following tag and then click Search.

Click the text that tells you to check out the result in the SharePoint Store.

SharePoint add

Adlib PDF Publisher Features

  • Ability to convert virtually any document to PDF (400+ file types supported)
  • Ability to merge up to 25 documents into a single PDF
  • Allows defining order of merged documents
  • Saves the PDF file anywhere in SharePoint
  • Optional watermarks (confidential, draft, approved, date) and page numbering
  • Preserves all links, footnotes and endnotes in the original documents
  • Viewable in any PDF viewer

To add this app  to your site, you’ll need to have the latest version of SharePoint installed.

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    Is there any provision to add this app in sharepoint server not office 365.???

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