How to add a Bookmarklet to Chrome or Firefox browser


  1. Anand, I think this was a good article on making people aware of what bookmarklets are and what they can do. However, as a technical reader uses about a dozen of them, I was hoping to see something a bit more in-depth, such as some of the pitfalls one can encounter trying to get bookmarks to work, particularly with IE.

    For example, you mentioned “Alternatively, if you have the JavaScript code, you can simply paste the code into the URL field of the Bookmark and give it a suitable name.” Many times, copying code from a web page will include extra spaces which absolutely must be deleted for the bookmarklet to work properly. I find it best to paste the code in a text editor and make sure the code is one continuous string of characters, and then paste it into the Bookmark.

    Another pitfall is when a bookmarklet includes a URL to a web site, as with PrintWhatYouLike and GetLongURLs, the included URL should be added to the Trusted Sites list on the Internet Options/Security tab. Otherwise IE may not execute the bookmarklet because of the mixing of trusted and untrusted sites.

    I have a few bookmarklets that I haven’t been able to get to work at all. If you or any of your readers have any other tips or suggestions on how to get troublesome bookmarklets to work, I’d be interested in seeing them discussed here and the article updated to include them.

  2. Hi Netpilot, I wrote this article for end-users as a sort of an introduction to help them move forward. I agree when you say “I find it best to paste the code in a text editor”. Thats the way it should be done.

    Thanks for the useful comment. 🙂

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