How to add 2 spaces after a period in Word

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  1. As a corporate communications specialist I feel it worth pointing out that double spaces between sentences has, for decades, been considered an outdated style.

  2. Quite honestly, there are a handful of good reasons to do
    such spacing, and equally good reasons to not do it. When using a monospaced
    font, everything is the same width. So, it makes sense to type two spaces after
    a period at the end of a sentence to create a visual break. Well, it’s a user’s
    call. The thought just crossed my mind and I ended up with a
    tutorial on it.

  3. Of course, a quick and easy solution on a document-by-document basis (or through scripting in Word if you know how) is a simple search&replace: use ctr-h, then in the search box type . [period-space], then in the replace box type . [period-space-space] and change all.

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