Acronis True Image Review

Acronis True Image is an integrated software that completely keeps your Windows PC protected by offering a very powerful data backup and restore technology. Not just backup and restore, Acronis True Image comes with lots of interesting and exhilarating features that a Windows user would definitely love. If you love your data, then you are definitely going to love this awesome backup software. Acronis True Image now provides improvements and introduces new features like disk imaging to the cloud and incremental file restoration from the cloud and comes with 5GB of Cloud Storage FREE for one year.

Acronis True Image Review

True Image by Acronis comes packed with all the essential tools that can help you in recovering your PC to a normal and a healthy state. With this software you can completely backup your selected files, folders, settings and Microsoft e-mail clients and you can even backup the entire disk drive – formally known as ‘Disk Cloning’. You can even backup selected partitions of your PC’s hard drive. Its online backup feature provides a remote platform to all your backups. With it, you can easily access your backups from any part of the world. But to add cloud and online support to your software, you need to additionally purchase and add some cloud storage to your account.

There are three backup schemes available, namely “Full”, “Incremental” and “Differential”. After a complete full backup, Incremental and Differential backups can be added to the same full back to update the contents of the PC’s full backup.

Acronis Nonstop Backup always run in the background and backs up your system and files every few minutes. With this great feature you can at any point of time, bring back your PC to the desired state with respect to time.

With this wonderful software you can also perform exact, sector-by-sector disk backups that includes backup of all your data such as Operating Systems, Applications, Personal Settings, configuration files and etc.

Whenever you delete some data from your PC, it doesn’t get permanently deleted, but True Image Drive Cleanser and File Shredder helps you completely wipe the data off your hard drive. The system-cleanup feature helps you in completely deleting the usage history of your PC. With all these security and privacy features you can prevent your personal identity from being compromised.

One of the most amazing feature in this utility is Try&Decide. If you feel that you are going to do something harmful on your PC such as opening harmful websites, installing harmful software, then you can switch to Try Mode. Once you do that, Try&Decide would be activated. In this mode any changes made to your PC can be instantly reverted back to the normal state of the PC. This feature is a good one for debuggers, software testers or anyone who doesn’t want to take risks for his data.

The Clone Disk feature lets you copy a partition from one disk to another. This feature helps in seamlessly transferring your data between different hard drives. If you are switching your PC, then you are just going to love this cloning feature. It would make your task a lot easier. The software just creates a clone of the partition including all the Applications, Personal Settings, configuration files and etc. And the same clone can be transferred to any other hard drive.

Your computer does not support a 2 TB hard drive, but you want it right in your PC? With the Acronis Extended Capacity Manager, you can install more than 2 TB hard disks on your PC, even if your Windows or your hardware doesn’t support it. True Image is going to make your PC’s system support the hard disk.

With the Acronis Secure Zone, you can create an extra secure drive on Windows that can be used to store all your backup files and important data. Rescue Media Builder lets you easily build a bootable media that can be anytime be used to recover your PC if it becomes unstable or any other problem occurs.

Acronis Startup Recovery Manager also works in the same way. If Windows starts misbehaving or starts working unstably, you can simply restart your PC and hit F11 on the boot screen, and you will be taken to a recovery window from where you can easily restore your PC to a healthy and stable sate.

One of the most interesting feature I discovered in this software was that it allows you to convert a Windows Backup to an Acronis Backup and vice versa. The conversion is fast, easier and efficient, even I’ve converted my Windows Backup to the Acronis Backup, and now I feel more secure. You can also import or export your backup settings made in Acronis. A single file is created that it can be exported to any other computer and the same settings can be restored.

The multiplatform synchronization features easily lets you securely sync your data between your different computers and phones. Toactivate sync you need to create an Acronis account and login with the account in True Image. True Image is available for iOS devices and Android Devices. The cloud features also lets you customize your files viewers and gives you a better cloud experience.

Image mounting tools lets you mount an Acronis backup disk as a normal Windows drive. With this feature you can enable or disable backup drives and you can simply view the content of the backups.

The UI of the software is perfectly designed, divided into different tabs each feature has a separate wizard like interface which makes it easier and convenient to use.

Acronis True Image Download

Acronis True Image is a great backup solution for Windows with a lot of amazing features. The perfectly designed UI and powerful utilities make it more suitable. The sync features let you enjoy the freedom of Cloud and lets you sync between your devices. You can buy Acronis True Image from the Acronis Store. The software is worth the price and offers unbeatable features.

Keep backing up! Stay Secure, stay safe!

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