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Accessibility improvements in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is just around the corner, i.e. on August 2nd. Microsoft recently announced the improvements in Accessibility in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Here is a glimpse of what all is improved in the accessibility point of view:

Accessibility improvements in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Within Accessibility, Microsoft’s team works on applications and software that can help differently abled people. There are already numerous apps and software developed by the team for differently abled people, such as screen reader, text to speech and more.

Microsoft mentioned that the additions in the Anniversary Update represent a significant step forward in their effort to make Microsoft products accessible. New features have been added to built-in tools such as Narrator and Magnifier as well as apps like Cortana, Mail, and Edge.

Some of the updates are as follows:

Improved Screen Reading with Narrator: Microsoft has done a lot of changes with Narrator that come as a part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The updates are:

Besides these, Narrator has got some more features such as more familiar keyboard navigation, announcing AutoSuggest results and easy to send feedback to Microsoft team. To make the usage of Narrator easy Microsoft’s team is working hard on user guides and documentation. The user guides will be available online when the Anniversary Update is released.

Apps and experiences made more accessible: Microsoft’s team not only has worked upon Narrator, but they have also worked on making the apps and experiences more accessible. Some of these accessibility improvements in Windows 10 Anniversary Update are as follows:

Apart from these major updates in accessibility in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there are some more significant updates. These include Groove, the introduction of new tools such as developer tools and XAML Improvements. Again, to make these apps and new experiences understandable, Microsoft’s team is working on documentation.

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To know more about the accessibility improvements in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, visit MSDN.