Access Marketplace, download, install WP7 apps on Windows Phone from India


  1. I had tried that earlier but was unable to access marketplace, simply by changing the region and language settings – probably due to some other reasons.

    UPDATE: I changed the Region settings and reconfirmed. I still get the message: Marketplace is not yet available in your country/region. Strange you can and I cannot …

  2. May be because I have purchased the officially available HTC HD 7 in India?? I have yet to explore WP7 settings and other things. But one thing is sure, even I was getting Marketplace is not available in your country region error. After doing something in settings it restarted and I was able to access Marketplace.

    I have don’t anything else other than changing WP7 settings..

  3. Hey bro….thanks a ton. It works. I was really frustrated and even thought of migrating to andriod device. You saved my money.

  4. Hey bro…..I got a problem here…able to access the apps and download them from the tweak you suggested but could not see them in my phone. Any suggestions…

    FYI….my region settings on the device as well as Windows Live is set to India..Is this causing the issue…Thanks for your help in advance.

  5. All my settings are set to India, so I dont think that should be the problem.

    After you download/install the app/s, wait for some 5-10 odd minutes before disconnecting the Phone, because I noticed that if I disconnect my Phone from the PC right away I dont see the apps.

  6. Hi thanks for the info….its working now. Got my two apps installed and visible. i just connected my device with wi-fi enabled to zune. They got downloaded…might be i have removed it pretty early than required time.

    Any ways thanks a lot.

    Alos could you please let me know the approx time taken for seeing the downloaded apps on your deviece?

  7. hi, is there a way to change the music tile on the home screen of hd 7, mine isnt showing any album art,,,its just zune logo & text music + video.

  8. Hi can someone help me on how to change the zune music background…also is there a way to excess the marketplace from htc hub itself..with zune in pc its working fine…currently its showing in my phone that the marketplace in your region isnt available…& lastly is there a way other than marketplace or xbox to install NFS or other games in my hd7..thanks…

  9. I have been using this registry hack for more than a month now, I thought this was known to everyone 🙂 Was using this trick to review app on my mobile blog.

  10. @Chandra: Not sure about the Zune Background but to answer your other questions. Currently, No, this tweak only works using the desktop Zune software. Second, You are only able to install games through Microsoft.

  11. hi, i’m from portugal and i get the error C00D134C when i accept the terms of service.
    Is there anything i can do to fix this?

  12. i tried this procedure, installed some apps but they didn’t appear in my apps list at all even though i kept the phone connected for nearly half-an-hour. Does the device (WP7) needs to be online via wifi/3G while trying this?

  13. the marketplace is not avedable in my region … can somebody PLS help me how to fix that bcz i want some payed apps … PLS PLS PLS help (sry for my bad eng)

  14. Okay got my WP7 HD7 two weeks ago. This marketplace enabler works great and enabled my Zune marketplace on the desktop. Shows everything in Rs. etc really net. Went ahead and logged in my Credit Card information and even bought Assasins Creed full version for Rs. 360 Bucks. No all this was done through my Indian Hotmail login ID. Other Apps installed fine but when I put the Indian Hotmail login on the phone, I cant see XBox Live on it. It is disabled and says Xbob Live is not available in your country or region.

    So I go back and master reset and boot the phone with the primary American ID but then it does not sync. Zune says your marketplace ID is Indian and the phone ID is American which it does not want. So basically I am not able to play that Assasins Creed or any game I purchase through my Indian hotmail ID and Credit Card because xbob live is not in India.

    By the way it nicely showed my all prices in Rupees and the purchase went flawlessly. I was eagerly waiting for it to sync to my phone and play ACreed all night. Later the bitter truth and xbox live does not work with Indian logins. This stuff sucks and I want to sue Microsoft. You can imagine the frustration, not of loosing Rs. 370 but not being able to get this to work. Rest all apps work fine. It is the games. Any suggestions? Pleaseeee Thanks.

  15. Basically the xbox live and marketplace have to be enabled for India by Microsoft. When will they I don’t know but then why did the even launch this 30K smartphone when they did not have the MP ready yet here. What were they thinking? The MP Enabler solves the problem partially, we can install the apps but does not work for games at all.

  16. @Abhinav: I have seen several people have issues with everything that involves XBox Live. A tip from some users though no guarantee it will work, create a new Live ID and set country as US (Note for this to work you will need to change your location to US @Start Menu\Control Panel\Region and Language\Location).

  17. Lee@TWC: 🙂 Ofcourse I did that. Then I begged my brother in law for his credit card number (He is in Pennsylvania) since it only accepts US Credit cards because I am logged in from US Live ID. Got my copy of The Oregon Trail on his money. I am still waiting for Marketplace and XBox Live to launch here in India so I’ll master rest it to my Indian hotmail ID. Then I can play ACreed but will loose all purchases I made from the US account. Sounds like fun 🙁

  18. Not working, I dont have Features directory in the aforemendoned path. I have FirmwareUpdate and FUE, but not Features 🙂

  19. @wp7guy: What country are you in? If you are in an already supported country you will not have the Features Registry entry. Only countries that are not supported create this Registry Key. Running the application will create the Registry Key, if it isn’t creating it for you, Right-Click the application and Run As Administrator.

  20. I am from Bulgaria, it is not supported country and I have admin privileges. But I see right now that my version of Zune is 4.7.1404.1 and in the article is written that the workaround is tested with an earlier version of Zune 4.7.1404.0. Probably that would be the reason for not seeing the Features node.

  21. You could make your own folder Features and keys Apps, Marketplace, SignInAvailable. But you have to change permissions on Features. Need to be special deny permissions on this key. DENY: SetVALUE, CreateSubkey, Delete.

  22. If you do not set this permissions, Zune display that something has changed and need restart. After restart it changes this keys in registry and marketplace is disable again. If you set this permissions, you will see at every startup message that features changed, but marketplace works 🙂

  23. This trick doesn’t work for newer Zune. Even if you create the said Reg vaulues its no use cause the new Zune just doesn’t use them.

    As for the Location settings, both Zune and Windows Phone 7 check the Location of the Email ID when created. So if you created your Live ID setting it to US then it should work fine.

    If you change your location from under Accounts tab in Hotmail/ to US, still it would not work as it specifically checks for Location entered while creating the said account.

    The only way to get flawless Marketplace+Zune+XBL Support is to create a new Live ID, with a US based address. This way both Marketplace and Xbox Live will work.

  24. @Tanmay: In fact, I don’t have any problems with the marketplace at all. My PC Location is set to US and my account’s Country is set to US too. Therefore I can access all applications in the marketplace and can install any free app without problems. The reason I tried the suggested workaround is different. I have a Bulgarian Visa Electron. I have been using it for numerious online payments and I have never had any problems with it. However for some reason I cannot buy applications from the marketplace with that card. Every time I try to enter my card details, I get the following error message: “We can’t authorise the payment method. Please make sure the information is correct, or use another payment method.”. There are two reasons that cross my mind: either it is not possible to use Visa Electron in the marketplace (that is not likely, because I have paid with the card over and over again) or since the card is Bulgarian, but I am using the US Marketplace I cannot use it for purchases on the US Market. I tried to fill in some fake billing address, but still unable to register my card. The strange thing in the story is that I have a friend who is able to buy apps from the market with a Bulgarian credit card (however from a different card provider). Nevermind, that was the real reason for trying the trick described in the article, but obviously I have to wait MS to expand the marketplace ;).

  25. mine is zune 4.7.1404.01 i tried this changing registry settings but it shows some error code C00D1334 i have got this cell phone from us and now using in india somebody help me to access the market place.

  26. here in the netherlands we also did not get marketplace, ! the strangest thing becouse xbox live was launched over 5 years ago in NL.

    The regedit dit nog work , zune changes it back , + i can go to the app tab, but there are nog apps visable ! :S !

  27. hey i had by mistake uninstall you tube app..& when i tried to install it again from marketplace says you have already purchased the item..i can not play you tube videos on my wmp7…any idea…

  28. Once you have uninstalled apps in WP7, you cannot re-install them via Zune. You can only re-install them via WP7. If MarketPlace is not available in your country, the only option is to wait till it is available, so that you can re-install the app (paid or free) again on your phone.

  29. i thought microsoft had smarter people working there,,, its irritating aftr spending 30000 n still cant access games n app from the phone…

  30. Now thats i really wanted from such a long tim. ya its true that it doesnt work on new version of zune but the downloadable fle you provided is really great & thats only work for me. its really suggession from me to all wp7 pwner to download this file & try it atleast once then u will try it every time you attach your phone to r com

    once again thanks yaar its really great work done.

  31. in my regedit there are no features and i have version of Zune 4.7.1404.0.
    plz help me… club

  32. if u are unable to access the marketplace from ur desktop u can simply download the windowsphone7 market place enabler (( ))this is da simple n easiest way to access marketplace nd get apps to ur phone i m using htc 7 mozart nd have got many apps n ma phone . its a great phone with great apps …. bt i jst wait for the offical launch so tht marketplace is available on ma phone !!

  33. i have tried all tricks but i can not get it to work.. i have these problems
    1. the windows live ID does not sign in bevause t is not the same as the one on my phone (though they are all the same)
    2.when i change the registry and use the registry changer, i DO NOR SEE THE MSG THAT MY FEATURES HAVE BEEN CHNAGED…

  34. AVEZ, i have also tried that application, but still MY FEATURES DO NOT CHANGE… though the restry hase been duly changed

  35. AVEZ, i have also tried that application, but still MY FEATURES DO NOT CHANGE… though the registry has been duly changed

  36. i installed apps on my fone from marketplace. after syncing and disconnecting the phone i cant find the apps. what do i do. the purchase log on zune shows the apps i purchased but the phone doesnt.please help

  37. Even I have experienced this issue at times. But keep your phone connected to your computer/Zune software for a longer period of time. You will see it 🙂

  38. When i change the registry and use the registry changer, i DO NOR SEE THE MSG THAT MY FEATURES HAVE BEEN CHNAGED…plz help

  39. i have uninstalled an app, now want to reinstall it, but zune says to do so from the market place available from the phone, which is still unavailable in India now what to do??????????

  40. Give the fact that marketplace is not yet available in India, connect your Phone to Zune software via your PC and choose to sync all and wait for some time – maybe even half hour. It worked for me once. Hope it works for you.

  41. HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftZuneFeatures
    In the above in my windows 7 OS in my system it did not find features, What
    shall I do now. Pl tell me

  42. now a days even after hacking am unable to download the apps…. ms seems to have become smarter……any other means???

  43. HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftZune(but i d’nt’ have)Features (option then what i do?) pls answer……………….?

  44. Thanks Much, I was finally able to access marketplace on Zune.. Keep up the good work !! You are way better than Microsoft :):)

  45. WP7 apps?? What, you guys gotta try PonyPhoto, the best photo editing software for WP7 phones. I am using it on my HTC HD7, and it works great!

  46. Did the registry settings but when I open Zune, it says features have been changed, you need to restart Zune to see the new features and when I click OK and try to sign in, it says “an unknown error has occurred” Please help 🙁

  47. im in new york in the U.S. and the marketplace doesnt work for my htc touch 2. im very upset with microsoft phones and a bit discouraged. if microsoft doesnt fix this soon im going to get an android phone.

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  49. LoL i think WP phones are more better than android (in my opinion i got them since it had been in sold for the first time but the best alll i get was my htc hd7 and Samsung OMNIA

  50. i am from Egypt and i want to know if the marketplace works in my country and if so how to use Help Pls mr.Anand Khanse 🙂

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