About TWC Contributor – Shyam Sasindran

Shyam Sasindran aka “Captain Jack” is a Microsoft MVP and a Windows Enthusiast, who is very active in Windows based forums. His area of expertise is Crash Dump Analysis and Advanced Windows troubleshooting. He has also been participating in most of the Microsoft Beta projects and gives regular feedback.

He has developed Windows based Tools like SF IE Restorator for troubleshooting Internet Explorer issues and SF Diagnostic Tool for collecting Crash dump files for troubleshooting purpose.

“I like to always keep in touch with new Windows Technologies; I’m a huge fan of Microsoft technical fellow Mark Russinovich and David Soloman. I like to follow his ways to troubleshooting issues. SysInternals Suite and Nirsoft Utilities are my favorite software. My hobbies are listening to music, testing new software, reading Tech articles etc. I have written few articles on Troubleshooting BSOD, Tutorial on Process Explorer etc”.

If you like to read those articles you can find them at his blog: Captain Debugger.

You could also follow him at Twitter for latest updates.