About TWC Author: Syed Asrarullah

Syed Asrarullah is a Microsoft Student Partner, presently pursuing his under-graduation. He is both into technology and management He is adventure loving, sporty, likes coding and loves interacting with community members.

He comes from the beautiful city of Hyderabad, and is a founder-editor of ‘Reflections’-a student monthly magazine and the present literary secretary of his college.

Presently pursuing his under-graduation, he specializes on Microsoft Client Products and is an avid C, C++ and Java programmer. He believes in providing solutions to challenging problems thru coding.

Initially intended to be a pilot, Asrar enjoys football, basketball, literature, socializing and his role as an MSP.

Asrar has a quote of his own-‘Be Yourself’ and aims to be the CEO of a FORTUNE 500 company, someday.
Catch him on Facebook, Twitter or mail him at asrartheone at gmail dot com.


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