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Hidden configuration pages offer additional settings for Edge, Chrome, Firefox browsers

The about:flags page in Microsoft Edge browser, chrome://flags page in Chrome browser and about:config page in Mozilla Firefox offer additional settings. Let us see how to access these hidden configuration pages in Edge, Chrome & Firefox browsers

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox browser include a Developer Settings page, which contains numerous flags, which you can enable or disable. Most of the settings here are meant for advanced users and developers, and should not be normally be touched by common users, as they are usually configurations meant for developers or contain features which are currently in the experimental stage.

To search for a setting, it is best to press Ctrl+F and use the Search or Find bar which appears on these pages.

about:flags page in Microsoft Edge browser

To access the Developer settings page in Edge browser, you have to type about:flags in the address bar and hit Enter.

On the Edge about flags page you will see settings and configurations for the following:

As this page is constantly updated, you may find new one’s being added or some old one’s being abandoned and removed.

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Visit the Edge developers page here and search for the setting if you need information about it.

This post will show you how to disable about:flags page in  Edge.

chrome://flags page in Chrome browser

To access Chrome’s hidden Developers Settings page type chrome://flags or about://flags in the omnibar and hit Enter.

Here you have to click on the blue Enable link to disable the setting or vice versa. Some settings also offer you a drop-down menu, where you can make your selection.

This post lists some useful Chrome flags settings and this one the list of hidden Google Chrome URLs. This one lists some Chrome Flags tweaks for better user experience.

Tip: To see all such hidden internal pages of Chrome, type chrome://about and hit Enter.

about:config page in Mozilla Firefox

Typing about:config in Firefox’s address bar will open its developer settings page.

To change the settings, you have to double-click on a setting. When you do this, either its value will turn from true to false or vice versa or a value box will open where you can change the string value. Be careful before you double-click!

This post will explain some of the useful Firefox about:config tweaks.

As I mentioned earlier, these should not normally be touched by regular home users, as they are meant for developers & advanced users. Moreover, as this page includes settings which are in the experimental stage, it is constantly updated, and you may find new one’s being added or some old one’s being removed.