How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

Windows comes with an idle feature which puts a computer into Sleep Mode to save energy and battery life.  In Sleep Mode, the computer halts all the activities, and the state is saved. When you are up to handle the […]

Sticky Notes Folder Location Windows 10

Where are Sticky Notes saved in Windows 10 – Location

Sticky Notes is a Windows app, and unlike other applications like Notepad, it doesn’t store text in simple TXT file. Instead, it stores all the data in a database named plum.sqlite. Whatever text you store in available in this database. It […]

stop Mobile hotspot from Turning off

How to stop Mobile Hotspot from Turning off in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a Mobile Hotspot feature which lets you share your existing internet connection to other devices over WiFi. One of the caveats of this feature is that it doesn’t remain always on. If there are no devices […]

Reliability Monitor not updating or working

Reliability Monitor not updating or working in Windows 10

Reliability Monitor is a built-in tool found in Windows systems. It provides a day to day snapshot of the health of your system. Thus, it warns you of any impending disaster before your system finally breaks down. Although useful, Reliability […]

rebuild BCD or Boot Configuration Data file in Windows 10

How to rebuild BCD or Boot Configuration Data file in Windows 10

BCD or otherwise known as Boot Configuration Data contains boot configuration parameters on how to start your Windows. If the configuration file gets corrupted, you will have to rebuild BCD or Boot Configuration Data file. Usually, when BCD gets corrupted, […]

Xbox One Mute icon is always off

Xbox One Mic icon is always off and muted

We’ve been hearing stories of some Xbox One users having issues with the mute icon being displayed on their system, and there’s no way to get rid of it. Chances are, this could be a software problem, but if not, […]

0x80070079, The semaphore timeout period has expired

Error 0x80070079: The semaphore timeout period has expired

During the transfer of files across networks, one error that occurs is Error 0x80070079, The semaphore timeout period has expired. Semaphore is simply a variable. This error is caused due to several factors. It includes the incorrect configuration of drivers […]

How to move Taskbar to second monitor on Windows 10

Multi-monitor setup is a bliss. It helps professionals with their work and be more productive. Over the past several years, Windows has managed to offer one of the best multi-monitor features. Users can plug in an additional monitor and seamlessly […]

Best free Translator apps for Windows 10 PC

Thanks to the internet, the world is shrinking in size. The internet is equal and offers equal opportunity for all the people across the world. A software developer from India can sell his product in the U.S. One of the […]

Recent items not showing on taskbar

Recent items not visible under Windows 10 Taskbar icons

It’s quite possible that you are working simultaneously on many files and documents together and therefore require to visit them regularly to incorporate changes if any. However, what if right-clicking these items icons in the Taskbar no longer shows Recent […]

Advanced options for Netflix

Netflix app volume remaining at 100%

The Netflix app on the Microsoft Store is one of the most downloaded apps for Windows 10. However, at times, users have reported that they are unable to change the volume of the Netflix app. It stays constant at 100%. […]


Best Stremio addons for watching movies, live TV, etc.

Stremio is an excellent media player and has proven to be a tough competitor for Kodi. Though new in the market, it is light, smart, and fast. In this article, we will talk about the best add-ons for Stremio that […]

Stremio discover section

Stremio review and how to use it

Internet users have been searching for alternatives to expensive cable packages. While Kodi and Plex are the market leaders, a newcomer Stremio has started rising in the market. This article is an instruction guide on using this video content aggregation […]