8Smoker Pro: Tweaking freeware for Windows 8

Tweaking Windows 8 to suit your personal requirements has become easy with 8Smoker Pro.  With the help of 8Smoker Pro, you can tweak most of the Windows 8 operating system. This free software, is simple for beginners and powerful for experts, and helps tweak the Windows 8 system..

8Smoker Pro features

8Smoker Pro offers several features. With this software, you can change various settings in the Windows Registry. When you change the settings, the performance of your computer boosts drastically. When you open the window of 8Smoker Pro 1.0 you can see a number of options for tweaking. You can tweak different widgets, make changes in maintain option, change your security settings and manage various passwords.

1. Tweaks: Under tweaks, you can change setting of several sections such as internet explorer, performance, start-up manager, miscellaneous, shell tweaks and service manager.

8Smoker Pro

2. Maintenance: In ‘Maintenance’ tab, you can use widgets like Disk Usage, Disk Cleaner, Shared DLL’s, Shell Browser, Control Center and System Info. With 8Smoker Pro, you can easily Disable or Enable CPU Core Parking.

8Smoker Pro

3. Security: Under the Security tab, you can manage your Desktop & Explorer, System, Control Panel, Login, UAC, drivers and Firewall Controls. 8Smoker Pro has something interesting called as “DriveFreeze“. With this feature you lock down your removable storage devices so nobody can use them without your permission. You can lock down USB drives, CD-ROM/DVD drives, and floppy drives.

8Smoker Pro

4. Passwords: Under this tab, you can manage all sorts passwords in your system. You can create, change or remove the password using this tab. You can also get information about 8Smoker Pro from this tab.

8Smoker Pro

8Smoker Pro includes several types of setting for your system. If you are an expert user of the system, then you can do a lot with the software. There are more than 100 security settings available with the . With 8Smoker Pro you can to increase performance, increase the security of Windows 8, and prevent other users from changing your settings. It is very easy to manage User Account Control in Windows 8 with the help of 8Smoker Pro. This software also has maintenance tools to help you keep your computer clean and tidy.

8Smoker Pro free download

If you want to tweak your system to absolute perfection and make it work efficiently then 8Smoker Pro is a good choice. Downloading the software is very easy. Just visit its home page and click on the download  button tab and it starts the installing process immediately. When you commence installation, the software asks you to create a ‘system restore point’. On clicking on ‘OK’ the system restore point is created on you system.

This software is an easy-to-use and efficient application for tweaking your Windows 8 system. Moreover, its free. So, download the software and let us know your feedback for it.

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  2. Just confirmed. The home page link is working.

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  4. Well, it is still working for me – but yes that site is slow to load.

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