8 reasons why Windows 8 will rock!


  1. Windows 8 could be flop like Vista…

    Microsoft should have been wait for another 4 years to release a new version of windows.

  2. This release is too soon after Windows 7 – and the rush that Microsoft is making the changes, means that it will not be “stable” until Service Pack 1 if then.

    The problem is that Microsoft with this release are delaying business decisions to move off Windows XP and the major reason for making the change is to try and protect their current monopoly. Unfortunately they are likely with the changes is to alienate a large number of people who have lived through the changes from Windows 95 (before in my case).

    Additionally knowing Microsoft the cost to the end user for an upgrade will be excessive – as the change is really just a cosmetic layer for most people and the addition of support for ARM. Note that Apple has set a USD 25 as the price for upgrades – I wonder if that is within Microsofts thoughts…

    Microsoft may also find that the bundling of XBOX live into Windows 8 could get the European Commission interested….

  3. too soon for another Windows version πŸ™
    IMO. I think they should focus on recent OS and enhance it more and improve minor issues.
    Just like XP, the BEST OS so far in history of Windows.
    Now they are releasing Windows 8 that fast, so i think when it will be release Windows 7 would be like Vista, easily dump πŸ™‚

  4. @Noman, @Nigel, @yethz: You wont share the same thoughts once Windows 8 gets released. Windows 8 is a lot more fluid and fast compared to other OS. So do you guys want to stick with an old slow OS or a new refreshing faster OS? πŸ™‚
    @logan: Well with Windows 8, you can have your favourite wallpaper on your desktop. Like older times πŸ™‚

  5. Yes agreed. Some more Windows 8 points-
    -Look out for Windows 8 next milestone release in Sept in Developers conference (BUILD) http://www.buildwindows.com/
    -Built in twitter app for Windows 8 is called Tweet@rama (as demoed in the video)
    – As you also mentioned -Windows 8 introduces Live tiles with notifications, showing always up-to-date information from your apps.
    – Windows 8 can also run on ARM based tablets(check out the 30 min long video ) –
    – faster bootups using UEFI BIOS

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this features, now I can’t wait more for W8 release. I guess Microsoft wants to continue its status without stops, so it’s releasing W8 within a short time since W7 was out.

  7. Asrarullah, your next article can talk about 80 reasons why windows 8 sucks! If u need key points, reach out to me.

  8. Hi Syed Anwaarullah, We would love to hear them – and in fact we could post it here on this site as a new guest post with full credits to you! πŸ˜€

  9. One of the biggest mistakes from Microsoft was keeping WP for a long, long time without a new version. I really enjoy the Windows8 presentation video. Very, very good and full of innovations.

  10. That doesn’t mean I am right and it doesn’t mean that you were right up until so long time ago wrongly trying to foreseen that Windows 8 will have not rocked at the time it will have been launched!

  11. you get both… you have a desktop and a grid. the grid is like the start menu in windows 7/vist/xp. look at it like that or like the desktop is an app. but you still do, right now mine is a bunch of nature things. also did you know the windows color changes to whatever color you desktop is? it takes the average so you don’t need a solid color

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