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7APL – An application launcher for Windows 7

7APL is an application launcher made with Windows 7 in mind. You can launch single applications or group of applications with a single hot key or by using Windows 7 newest features,


7APL gives you 3 easy ways to launch applications:

– Right click access to profiles through JumpLists
– Customizable hot keys for each individual profile
– Interactive thumbnail to view or launch profiles

Feature List:

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Profiles – Group applications into profiles to launch them simultaneously.

Profile pictures – Associate pictures with profiles to easily identify between them.

Hotkeys – Specify hotkeys on a per-profile basis to launch your applications

Interactive thumbnail – Launch profiles directly from the taskbar

JumpList support – Launch profiles or tasks directly using jump lists

Toggle Mode – Toggle-mode allows you to close the apps you launched

Exceptions – Pesky applications that won’t close can be added as an exception

Pinning – The application pins just fine for those who want it constantly running

Options – Run 7APL at system boot, minimize on startup, and minimize on close ensures you can keep the launcher running at all times if desired.

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