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7-PDF Website Converter: PDF Converter to convert Web Pages to PDF

Have you tried to convert webpages to PDF format using one of the conventional PDF printers? You must have noticed that most of the times PDF printers are unable to maintain the original layout  of the HTML webpage making a mess of the output file you expected. The 7-PDF website converter is one of the rare PDF printers that provides you complete layout of the webpage being converted into a PDF without cutting the pages or splitting them.

Convert Web Pages to PDF

The simple to use 7-PDF Website Converter  freeware automatically generates clickable PDF hyperlinks from web headings, creates clickable PDF links from website links and allows you to add a cover sheet for the PDF file. One of the best qualities of this software is that the user interface of the application is laid with several tabs allowing users to access all available features.

Features of 7-PDF website converter

Convert webpages to PDF using 7-PDF website converter

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1. Converting webpages to PDF is very simple, all you need to do is just to paste the URL of the WebPages and click on “Convert to PDF” button.

In fact 7-PDF website converter provides with an option using which you can automatically convert the URL into PDF by just dragging and dropping the URL and checking the checkbox “Convert Drag & Drop URLs automatically”. You can even change the orientation and select one of the available orientations between Portrait and Landscape.

2. Also, using 7-PDF website converter you can change the configuration of paper size, overwrite existing file with the same name, output folder etc.

3. Make use of Advanced settings to make use of functions such as inserting a table of contents, cover page, generating a PDF in grayscale and many more.

7-PDF Website Converter free download

Since the software is available in a portable version, you can carry the application anywhere you want and start using it by just clicking on the .exe file of the application. This application can be used as a  freeware when it comes to private use irrespective of the number of computers you install.  In case it is used for commercial purpose, then it is necessary to upgrade and pay for the Pro version after a period of 30 days. Click here to download the free software and start using it.

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