5 Best Windows 8 Apps I Love To Use

I just bought the new Sony Vaio E Series laptop a few days back and it came with preloaded Windows 8.  Being a tech writer I have written many articles on Windows 8 and thus its functionality seemed quite confusing and tricky to me initially, and this was the reason that I was not in favor of it. Just because it came preloaded with my laptop I decided to give it a try. But after using Windows 8 for a few days, all I want to say about it, is that it is indeed actually a bit confusing using the start screen instead of the start menu – but at the same time it is quite interesting too.

I call it as a ‘hybrid interface’ operating system. Some of its features make me feel as if I am using good old Windows 7 and some of them make it a truly modern interface. I love the colorful touch oriented start screen but at the same time I miss the old Start Button. Windows 8 lacks the start menu and honestly it is very irksome. I am not saying that the touch friendly colorful start window is bad but it is truly annoying to go to the search option and then type the app I want to use.  So I first installed Classic Shell on my new Sony Vaio laptop to add the Start Menu to my Windows 8.

Although there are still very few apps in the Store – fortunately there are some good apps which made using the new operating system fun. I would like to share those apps here with my readers.

1.     Disk Falcon

This is one Windows Store App you definitely want to download and have on your Windows 8 computer. Disk Falcon is a Windows 8 app developed by a Game Studio. Now can you imagine what would happen if a game studio develops an app using its game engine? You have futuristic looks, great real-time animation and sci-fi inspired vocal responses to your actions, all built into the app.

2.      Skype 

Windows 8 store has its own Skype app and as I noticed it, without any ado I installed it in my new laptop. Just after installing it a Skype tile was visible in my start screen of Windows 8. This live tile shows me a notification whenever any of my Skype friends message me or calls me. It has a new and attractive design with a new dial pad. You now no longer need to install Messenger as Skype has taken over its functions.

3.      Epicurious

Being a mom of two teenage sons, this is one of my favorite apps in Windows 8 store. This app brings me new and exciting recipes directly from food website Epicurious.com. This app also keeps on updating the recipes and overall it has 30,000 delicious recipes. Honestly speaking my kids loves this app.

4.      Perfect 365

This is a photo app in Windows store. Actually I love playing with photo graphs and love adding special effects to them and Perfect 365 helps me in this. This app helps me adding perfection in wrongly clicked photographs.

5.      Kindle

When I get some time off from blogging and writing, I like to read books and needless to say that Kindle is the best app for that. I can read my favorite books on Kindle in my leisure time and the best part is that I can select from over 1 million books in the Kindle store. The Kindle app is free to download and the tagline there ‘Buy once, read everywhere’ clarifies that I can purchase a book from one device and can access it from any other device.

Windows 8 store has many other exciting apps but I haven’t yet tried them. I will definitely come up with some more of them in my upcoming articles here on TWC. Well, if you have upgraded to Windows 8, I would like to know what your favorite apps there are.

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