5 reasons why Windows 8 will outsell Windows 7

When it comes to operating systems, it is Microsoft all the way, in all segments. No doubt Windows has improved with every release it has made over years. Microsoft understands operating system better than anybody could have done and does everything almost perfectly to impress the users.

Everybody knows Microsoft’s strategy in introducing Windows 7 has been splendid. Microsoft claims it as fastest selling operating system ever built.

Windows 8 is re-imagining of Windows, from the chip to the interface. Now with the ability to swap between the traditional Windows interface and the new “Metro” style that’s touch-friendly Windows 8 has the ability to do so.

We have done some comparison here that makes us believe that Windows 8 would outsell Windows 7, making it the fastest selling operating system ever built

windows8 better than windows7

Here’s why:

1.  Fit for Tablets

In this era of tablets, the cause of failure and success of tablet still holds with operating system. iPad sold because of the brand name and its operating system. With Windows 8 a tablet friendly operating system, vendors would love to opt with Windows 8 because of its smooth and elegant touch sense. In fact Windows 8 tablets could even grab iPad’s market share.

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2. Better resource efficient than Windows 7

Run the Task Manager and you see resource sharing graph demonstrating the use of resources. Windows 7 is efficient and stable when it comes to resource utilization. Lot could be expected from Windows 8  as well. Microsoft successfully demonstrated Lenovo S10 netbook, loaded with Windows 8  worked like a charm, even though it had 1Gb of RAM.

3. Security

Windows 7 is considered as secure operating system. Microsoft has subsequently improved security over the time, no doubt. Windows 8 could be more secure in all its segments like networks, browsing, sharing and cloud integration.

4. ARM compatibility

This is cutting edge technology from Microsoft. Steve Ballmer on CES this year said Windows 8 will support ARM based devices. Microsoft has made it clear for months that the next version of the operating system will support SoC (system-on-a-chip) architecture, in particular ARM-based systems from partners such as Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments. In turn, that would give Microsoft increased leverage for packing Windows onto tablets and more mobile form-factors, currently the prime market for ARM offerings.

5. The Application Store

Last but not least the application store could be the game winner. With Apple already having such a gigantic store loaded with application for Mac operating system. Windows application store in Windows 8 could put it on lead over Windows 7.

Agree with my analysis or disagree with something? Please do share.

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